So is the 1400 chaos dungeon bugged?

in the last 2-3 weeks this is whats been happening, i defeat the chaos level 2 boss and golden lights fall with the items, but all i pick up is silver and 4-5 guradian and destruction stones. can anyone else tell me if this is just my bad RNG or is it a bug? i also havent gotten any red portals since march 20-23. the last gold portal i got was about 2-3 weeks ago and i feel like no matter how bad my rng its just weird.

Edit:the golden lights are the rays by the boss.

Screenshot (137)


Yes, it’s bugged/secrectly nerfed


This is something that has been reported to the team for investigation. Appreciate the reports.


@Roxx can you help me on my english support post or another CM? i misclicked leave on the ghost ship instead of resurrect and it marked the weekly as claimed

oh wow. So it really was a bug. I just thought my luck was extremely bad or something. Because I DO sometimes DO GET some decent stuff. But overall I noticed the amount being dropped is alot less.

I did see the posts on the forum 3 weeks ago give or take but so I did start to look at it, but it was a bit hard to tell whether its just bad RNG or not.

Good to finally get someone to look at it more closely.

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Cool. So we just have to deal with nerfed/bugged rates until they decide when to fix it. Aka less honing materials for legit players unless you RMT it or buy from bots.

ill just let it rest up, its no big deal, just a month+ of nerfed loot

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also lost my ghost ship, i misclicked leave instead of resurrect and it marked it as claimed, dont know why they would put the leave there instead of a top left corner like everything else in the game

Lower caos dungeon also nerfed? I dont tested my Self :eyes:

While I did notice last week after the patch I didn’t get any bonus portals on any character out of 12 characters… I did get 2 yesterday and 1 today so far. So they may have this fixed

There is nothing to do. Pay attention.
Your error.

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Calm down kid. The “leave” Button is always the same WHEN YOU DIE.

Learn abut the game before crying at the forum.

I just assumed my luck was crap, but this makes more sense.

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Cmon, people have been saying T3 Chaos Dungeon are bugged for 3 weeks already and you even told us that it’s not (i know you re just relaying what devs said to you). So pls explain what telling them once again to look at it will change ? They will, again, say “No everything is fine, not bugged, nothing to do here”…


hello, same here, today i was testing and this is the results. 1400 i got 4 great leap stone in both runs, 1370 i got 4 great leap stone. 1340 i got 6 honor leap stone. Please fix it. we need materials to progressing Valtan.

Any info on this? It’s been going on for weeks…

It’s been happening since the Ark Pass update. At first chalked it up to bad RNG but now it’s two weeks or so with reduced loot while leading into Valtan? Seems like a major L hopefully they are willing to dish out a little compensation. @Roxx

does this mean we should not do chaos dungeons? I thought it was just me getting bad luck.

Chaos dungeons is bug and you expect ppl to be at 1415 by the 19th ?

So far, I’ve been looking at these threads and there’s yet to be 1 person to post a screenshot/video about what the rewards were before the “nerf/bug”.

I’ve been doing chaos dungeons on all my alts and they’ve been feeling the same as always. But I do notice that some days I a really low amount of leapstones(2-3) and on other days they would even drop up to 10-13.

My guess would be that they aren’t bugged but the variance of the rewards are so high that you guys are only remembering the bad days since they feel so underwhelming.