So is the 1400 chaos dungeon bugged?

i wish lmao cba to split the stack just imagine it’s 4

Can confirm I just did a 1310 chaos dungeon and the Level 2 boss gave me like 2k silver and 4 guardian stones. It doesn’t happen every time but it is definitely bugged.

Yeah around there.

Bumping this, on day 3 now of elites not even dropping loot sometimes.
Room 2 boss didn’t even have silver on a run.

This is going to be big issue. Here is the ripple effect if the hotfix is not applied asap.

1- Lot of player have alt and tried to push for Valtan, if nothing is address, this group will burn out and leave.

2- Since drop rate is low even with Alt. (6X max free slot), people will go to those RMT site and buy gold to buy out the mat. Then, in turn this will lead to an increase of bot activity.

3- With the increase of bot activity, it leads to longer queue time and consistent server crash in some instance yesterday was playing abyss dungeons Oreha hard and Alaric. The player from UNA server are really suffering like literally I see his name on the list but his character took 2 min to load in the entrance. In the Alaric one, the bard just straight DC and got back min later. This is happening more frequently since the Glaivier patch. So base on the Steam chart we have 613K players, but half of it is bot. Imagine the strains it give to the server with those amount of bot.

4- With Increase queue time, many player gets frustrated and will leave for other game as seeing in some of the Thread. Something similar happening with Tera so ultimately the game will be shut down this year in summer. We always sell lost ark respect player’s time, but with previous points it does not so far.

It is like a vicious cycle this thing with many ripple effect. Legit player who want to push for Valtan assuming with 6 characters can longer do it in a legit fashion so some might go to RMT and just buy out the gold and buy out the market which we have seen with the recent huge increase in price and the Gold to crystal exchange rate. Basically, this huge increase in market price will benefit those bot farmer as they sell the mat at higher price and then sell gold to user.

At the end of the day AGS, Smilegate and the legit players will lose. In term of AGS and Smilegate if those persistent issue are not address promptly it show the players they don’t care… So if the suppliers don’t care why the players should spent money on the game. I already spent 1.6K$ in the game with 12 alts and skin, but if thing continue in this path or unresponsiveness, it doesn’t give much confidence to invest more in it in the Cash store. Why would player invest in a legit manner when the RMT offer better return on investment (not recommended) ? This is why those RMT are propping up like weeds in a garden.

Have confirmed that SGR is actively combing through data to look for any changes – once everything has been checked (twice, at least!) I will let players know what the outcome is!!


Thank you very much Roxx to look into it.

Yeah this is pushing me to want to take a break.

I just finished a non rested 1385 chaos and got 48 destruction stones. At that rate, if I ran the 2 chaos per day, it would take 8.5 days (~17 runs) to get enough destruction stones for 1 honing attempt at 30%. It’s just wasting my time.


THANK YOU. This is absolutely the biggest, most impactful thing you can tell people.

I don’t want passes. I already put the time to do the runs. I want the mats that should have dropped.

Thank you. Would not have raised a brow and just considered it bad RNG had it not been only doing it in the 1400 Chaos and the elites were at least dropping anything at all.

Can you please escalate this further? - there are some players that are doing 1400 chaos everyday and if it is indeed bugged, then that’s time wasted for those players…

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same here tx

I have the same issue, it is definitly a bug and they should fix this as we are loosing 100s of mats on each character everyday.
I got 5 T3 characters and all 5 gives me 300-350 blue/50 red, 5 honor/3-5 greater and 5-10 gems in total.

So with that i can upgrade my main 1400+ once every 2 days, which is bs.


Was it alwasy possible for the boss mob to drop nothing or possibly only silver? I run about 18 chaos a day and perhaps 10-25% of the kills seem to drop nothing. Sometimes just silver or silver + 50 shards, which i think may have come from a trash mob and not even the boss. What I expect is to see is 1-6 items drops, and with other mob drops it is more like 5-10 drops. Sometimes it is a single shit drop but I can accept that as bad rng, but nothing seems to have only started after vern patch. I noticed it maybe even the first day. Otherwise as for the overall drops I cant tell if there is anything different. I still get like 600 armor and 200+ weapon from combined total of 1400 chaos and guardians. Lower alts are a bit less but similar. My theory is that a new drop was added to the table with vern content but when they disabled all the 1415 content this item on the table cannot drop but can still be rolled. Thus you get a nil drop.

In our version yeah, but i didn’t find any evidence of this happening on other servers (i look for kr and ru videos and i watched like 20 of them and i never seen the boss dropping only silver)

if nil drops was always a possible then there may be nothing wrong with drops, it only seems like there is becasue noticing it once cause me to notice it all the time now. Same thing with everyone else, one person say the drops are low and now every time someone gets bad rng they notice it and think its a bug.

Part of the problem too i think is when you go from end of T2 into T3 you are getting 1/5 of the drops so it seems very low. I imagine by the 2nd or 3rd phase of t3 we will be getting as much or more drops.

Pretty much everyone rmt the infinite chaos so hahaha gl i`m done with the game for atleast 2 months, the PVP is unplayable cause 6 out of 10 games someone disconects, pve is unplayable because I can’t hoan higher than 1400 since this game hates me, so what do I need to do, add 1000$ in the game, so I can buy gold and hoan my gear , naah I’m out, going to come later when this game actually lets you enjoy the game properly.

I’m in 1412 and yes it’s not easy to get mats but it’s possible with time

I think chaos 1400 are bugged … In 2 days with 4 runs, I only obtained 9 leapstones and a few crystals :sleepy: