So is the 1400 chaos dungeon bugged?

I’m in 1412 and yes it’s not easy to get mats but it’s possible with time

I think chaos 1400 are bugged … In 2 days with 4 runs, I only obtained 9 leapstones and a few crystals :sleepy:

100% bugged, i genuinely dont care what the team previously said. Anyone who played chaos dungeons pre and post release of the battle pass knows were getting substantislly fewer mats and items now.

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u guys just reduce the drop cos of bots, and now its ruining the game of fair players

So… Question then. The SGR team has easily accessed numbers in regards to how often something drops, right? A while back, you’d commented about how they could see exactly how often a specific item had dropped for players, quoting that it was at a fair drop rate.

Since SGR has been looking through the data for… Four days now(Five since you’d drawn attention to the fact that SGR is looking, but Thursday was a holiday in South Korea)… They don’t strike me as an incompetent team at all, nor do you, given how hard you work as a wonderful Community Manager and humorous person(I think you’re the first i’ve seen to use the word ‘Yeet’ to describe your team’s bot-banning efforts) so… Is it safe to assume that they’ve already looked at the drop data, and they’re now looking at the code instead of the drop numbers? You don’t have to say yes or no, just blink twice!

Jokes aside, my guildleader and I have gotten into many an argument over this, with me quoting the Ark Pass bug that KR suffered from (For five days before they announced an issue, then two more for a fix, with considerable compensation for those 7 days), so thank you for your time for reading this, and I do hope that we’ll hear from you on whether or not we received the faulty Ark Pass patch.

As of this morning I have been informed that the dataset was checked multiple times and the rewards are still at the same.


There is absolutely NO WAY they are the same.

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This is the entire floor 2 of 1340 chaos.

An entire run

Nothing wrong on that pic


They are… lol go check any video from kr doing chaos we getting the same amount of mats.

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So you’re happy getting no leapstones?

I’m happy i exposed all of your lies, next time do proper tests before taking something as a fact lmao

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you got a video?
I get 11 big leapies in 1370 the last few days.
on 1400 only 5, or 6 if rng is good to me.
dont see why I should do the 1400 ones

Uhhh, what are my lies exactly?

Any chance you could there be a forum announcement on this? A lot of posts are making a fuss because honing at 1400+ is ‘slow’.

Also did they check there is no difference between running chaos solo vs in a group?

Yep i has been posting videos since like 2 days ago and doing research, let me send you the link:

From 0:19:44 to 0:23:12 he do punika (1400) chaos dungeon (Using rest bonus that means 1 run = 2 runs, keep that in mind)

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Sorry, i actually confused you with other guy (You have the same profile pic) Lmao, sorry bro! everyone has been insulting me and telling me im a liar so im kinda paranoid now XD

Lost Ark - 1385 Artist Chaos Dungeon Gameplay - YouTube This for example. If you count the drops manually you get roughly the same amount of things people reported here as “buggy”.

Also I think it’s just misinformation that the “2nd floor boss” should drop “good”, because overall you seem to always get roughly the same amount of drops from the entire chaosdungeon even if the mentioned boss only drops 10 blue and 4 red stones (exaggerated).

You also have to take gems, tickets, silver and gear into account, which seems most people here arent.

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Lol! All good, I was just like “Huh?”