So is this cursor bug a new feature?

This bug has been in the game for about 1 month now and it’s somehow avoiding every single patch notes…

Is this just a normal feature we have to get used to?

Where’s the fix? Are we getting a fix? Why is dumb shit like that taking months to fix?


you talking about the bug when you press anything and it get’s stuck as if you’re holding it?

Yup exactly that bug! You have to go to stronghold but then sometimes it doesn’t fix so you end up doing a whole bunch of shenanigans just to have your cursor back! Very convenient! lol.

They really need to fix this issue, I was doing HM Valtan for 8 hrs last Sunday, every time when quit dungeon, this bug got triggered… so annoying

happened to me many times and it’s super annoying… i end up switching characters in order to get rid of it -_-

Last time I looked my post about it from like a month ago has something like 80 replies. None of which are the AGS team

@Roxx can you please tell us if there’s anything being done regarding this bug?

they know about this for ages, but it seems to be as important as the bot or the rmt issue : /
but yay, korean voicepack is fixed

Yeah… i can understand how the june update, RMT, Bots and Queues take the most chunk of their time but there’s no way they can’t fix this on the side without puting all their ressources into it lol…

Maybe they still aren’t aware of it!? xD

i saw a forum post weeks ago, they know about this issue

“we are aware” section

it will likely be fixed eventually, I have already noticed the bug seems to be happening significantly less often then when it first started occurring

You can simply go to sea (to your boat) and it will fix it 90% of times

“we are aware of the issue”
“we’ll let the team know!”
“need confirmation from the team”
“I understand the frustration but the team is working on it”

yea nah this shit bug is never gonna get fixed, they have an ongoing total war with bots right now. Disregard everything else.

How long does it take to fix such a simple bug!?

It’s a new feature called “sticky things”. Even more RNG in your game!

Yep new feature it incetivices you to explore more zones so you dont just stay in town all day…

they are aware of a lot of things, yet they don’t do anything lol