So.. Is Viakiss coming or not?

We should be hearing about something right about now and there is nothing at all. I am assuming they are trying to get a viakiss (yes this is the ORIGINAL and the only way to spell vykas) patch in order about now and seeing up to the last minute to see if they can get it done.

The funny thing is everything is already inside the NA LA client so I dont know what the big deal is?




Viakiss? More like Byekiss :smiling_face_with_tear:


I mean you already figured it out, they are not ready and are trying to push it to this week



She got tired of being called biakis, byakiss, viakas or other random non official names and flew away, never to be seen again


Biakis is the original KR name tho XD

Starting now her official name is Carl.


Remember your parents saying… “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

In corporate PR it is… “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

You guys are all wrong. The official name is Biackiss.

Biakiss deez nutz


Hello AGS, or Roxx, or whoever. Yes if it’s not releasing please let us know. I have raid plans this Saturday - but I can do something else if it’s not dropping!

taken from Loawa website oh well

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Loawa shame on you

Is it really that difficult to provide us with information if it won’t arrive on Thursday? Simply say yes or no, ffs. @Roxx

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How about on the NA/EU/SA forums you use the official NA/EU/SA name if you’re asking an official question?

Anyway Vykas, Carl, Biakiss whatever you wanna call it the point I guess is, when? And why the hell the comms are being this shady when its a simple matter of saying Ain’t happening X day or yeah its happening.


we were told mid-june, mid-june came around, nothing happened and we didn’t get an explanation why, i think most of us want to know why it got delayed you know? was it an issue with the raid itself? too many bugs? is the overall patch not done yet? are they adding something new?( other than what was shown in the roadmap), are they removing something? it’s the bare minimum of communication we want, if rox can’t give out the date at least say " the patch had a lot of bugs and we are working on fixing them before release, we don’t know when it will be finished, but it will be as soon as possible" that alone will calm a lot of us