So.. Is Viakiss coming or not?

Her true name is boobakiss are you guys blind XD

They are so intransparent, we don’t know who / what to blame.
That is meta as fk.

Maybe they are testing the raid before launching the patch and got trapped on the booba mechanic.

In fact it’s has been proven by several sociologists that the quality of the explanation doesn’t matter what is important is to give an explanation (wrong, false, incomplete, etc)… it is often used, for exemple, by Transport Companies & politicians…


Well they’ve told people they literally can’t give people information at the moment, so they have given a response. So I don’t know what you’re on about… Just admit people are malding and always will, even when they receive 100% correct info.

Ok maybe the subjet was a too complex (I was speaking about a cognitive bias), but obviously, it isn’t the right place… Besides I have a great news for you, you are ready to work for Amazon, good job ! :smiley:

You didn’t respond to what I actually said, you just went right into a flurry of ad hominems. My man, you over-estimate your IQ, greatly…

It’s coming “Mid June” :^)

ASG - unprecedented incompetence for 10 years. If it weren’t for Amazon in the background, they would have gone bankrupt long ago.

At least the issue is starting to get traction elsewhere, these posts on reddit RE Smilegate incompetence are starting to get some traction.

If they can just write it off as “salty/whiny forum babies” then our legitimate complaints can be ignored. We need to make sure they’re getting the message from multiple different angles.

ok I believed you were trolling, my bad for the misunderstanding.

Usually an explanation start by “because”, I can give you few examples
We wont release the new raid in time…

  • … because we have too much work
  • …because we have critical bugs to correct before the release
  • …because our marketing team told us we will win more money if we release the raid in july
  • …because we want to ban RMT before releasing new contents
    The keyword is “because” (or similar conjunction)

Several studies have proven that to give explanations help to reassure people.and can make them more patient/understanding.

For example, the London compagny Railway has dramaticaly reduced the number of complains just by giving explanations when trains were late, this concept has been also proven through experimentations by prof. E Langer when she tried to convince people to give their place to in queues, this concept is often also used in marketing in order to convince people to buy productis… in fact, what is important isn’t the content of the explanation, it’s just to give an explanation…