So it have been like 1 month since bots spam ton of Grudge book on CM

Seriously , how about gate some peps below 1415 not to access to 22nd floor of Thornsprite , you can ignore those kids yelling gating will ruin new player ( f2p omegalul ) experience ,even 1430 have struggle doing 20th . Fuk their opinion deal with the bots plz , oh wait they’re not the bots just one people using multiboxer with hacked tool , so they can act more " manually " kekw , or AGS haven’t thought about any of these because they KNOW NOTHING .


Kek. Botters have damage hacks. They just need to make the books bound

yup like this one they never ban twisting even tho those multiboxer using 3rd software LOL what a great dev @Roxx @Shadow_Fox … they are to afraid about stereotype this game are dying cuz of count current player.

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More importantly why aren’t more people complaining about bots? More posts, pitch forks etc are need. AGS/SG could at least give us an update on where they are with dealing with them because whatever they are doing now (if anything) it’s clearly not working. I don’t mean the same old ‘we are continuously fighting them line’ either.


because they all quit , left the copium peps behind , AGS is trying their best to make those copiums quit too

You’re right we are left with people complaining about battle items and a tripod system which they saw in a different version of the game. Clearly more important mb.

《Lost Player》

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This. They should never have released bound like the original Thronespire and should have been adjusted on our version to be bound… it was extremely obvious this was going to happen with bots if they remained bound.

I’d say the lack of foresight around this issue is surprising, but it’s really not at this point.

They still have other means sure the books are a big chunk but they still own the fish market, I don’t know where they are hiding but fish is being walled hard on NAW and constantly refilled every time it gets close the wall.

hindsight, it wasnt obvious, thats why they didnt do it

Not only was it previously mentioned in KR that it was a mistake to make them unbound in Thronespire and hence why future books all remain bound, but it was extremely obvious, without the inclusion of hindsight that bots would abuse something that is a low level Tier 3 entry point.

The players even mentioned this many times, on the forums themselves, before it released as a valid concern.

I was so sure that they wouldn’t make that mistake with Thronespire that I even bought my Legendary Grudge before Thronespire released in anticipation of the books going up due to them being bound.

The only people that appeared to not have considered this would be a problem, are AGS/SG and whilst I don’t think everything is on AGS alone, SG share their own responsibilities for the state of the game in the West, this one is more on AGS than SG as SG don’t really understand just how bad the botting situation in the West is.

They have restricted us time and time again in order to prevent bots having access to easy gold, 3 day restrictions, Rapport NPC gold changes etc… yet one of the most obvious and impactful ones to the economy, Thronespire books, remains unchanged months later. Even if it were an oversight at first, it could have been changed since.

Amazon is now doing nothing at all to protect the game from bots, the waves of bans do not give anything at all, at least enter the captcha, start doing something already

I fail to see how bots putting large amounts of legendary books on the market is a problem. Seriously. How?

And why aren’t people complaining about the real problem here? The fact that the damage hacks they use even WORK in the first place? They shouldn’t be able to clear this content in the first place. Players should be able to earn mats and sell them to make gold. I am tired of AGS / SG hurting the player experience instead of doing their f*** job.

Or modify the entry conditions 1415 1385

Lets close it, 14k for grudge book isnt enough

Grudge is 6k on NAW where most of the bots are, take away their biggest gold maker, it hurts their business. You’re over reacting aswell saying the community is killing the game for new players in a similar post. Heavy inflation will kill the game for everyone, it’s happening right now. People who care about the game want something done about the bots because we care?

Inflation is coming even without the bots nobody seems to understand the games whole economy is just so broken that the inflation cant be stopped even if we get ridoff bots


You’re delusional if you believe this sort of inflation is natural. We are not far off Korea BC prices and the games only been out 7 months. Lots of gold injected into the game because of rmt = inflation. It’s not hard man.

Edit: deflation was proven in the first massive ban wave or were you not around to see it?


Good point? Why the f**k is even Floor 22 accessible when you can’t clear it at 1325 as a “new player”.

Supplying such a large amount of books, makes them more accessible to the average player, which means more people are able to afford to buy the books… in turn making wealth more accessible for bot farmers in larger amounts for a smaller time investment, to then sell for RMT. It doesn’t inject or take out much gold from the economy, but it directly influences the amount of gold that they have access to before that account gets banned.

On a long term scale, it was never intended for so many players to have access to Legendary Grudge in such a short amount of time (If ever - hence why a LOT of Korean players, even people like Zeals that whale hard don’t even have it, despite having a dozen DPS in their roster that are geared) and this will have a long term impact on the value of Grudge accessories.

This is 100% a problem. But it has been around long before Thronespire and remains unaddressed.