So its been a week and reaper is

…reaper is…
…MEH ~

i have a 1465 reaper with ;

  • 5x3 engravings
    ambush master

  • 2 piece relic

  • level 6 gems

  • +20 wep

and with all that the class seems VERY lackluster, am i the only one? or will getting my full relic set make this class shine cuase at this point, i AM disappointed in reaper so far…the over hype is real i got baited for sure

hows your tripods ? hah

also relic set might matter a lot

they are mixed 3/4 from chaos dung only

You don’t have a full relic set lol

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the set better sky rocket this class for performance otherwise i got me a loaded lopang :confused:

reaper is a straight back attack class , the amount of dmg missing without the entropy set is crazy , it should be a lot better once you get the set completed

Dude, the set and tripods skyrocket any class, that’s how the game works

level 6 gems…
not having full relic…
not being level 60…
and youre running kbw on an entropy class without adrenaline, surely that cant be right so imo youre pretty much cooked dps wise in that respect.

you cant except a class to be poppin off without maxing out at level, tripods and relic set especially an entropy class when entropy 6 is a huge boost.

  • Average Tripod levels
  • Lower gems than most characters at your rough ilvl
  • Not full relic set
  • Not even level 60, probably not even level 55

…there’s so much wrong with your assessment of the class. Perhaps you shouldn’t have invested so hard into it until you were more sure of it after acquiring 6 set and level 60 at a minimum.

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nice build. but i think with a full set relic, full lvl 10 gems, lvl 60 skill points, +25 weapon, and full lvl 5 tripods your reaper gonna be awesome

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lets hope so, lol i used allot of juice to get where she is now.
i used the PP on reaper and the express event on a chadlancer always wanted to try one.

so far, with reaper my honing luck was TERRIBLE…spent 38k from 1400-1450 alone honing…BIG yikes

I’m failing to understand how you think the class is “VERY lackluster”…
because they’re not doing fat damage as a fresh character?
does damage make a class… sufficient luster?

from what numbers i am getting on reaper right now and knowing how much more damage i can get from full relic, tripods, lvl 11 and later 12 spells, relic weapon quality etc as well as using it in achates inferno the class seems strong in terms of dps

Back Attackers are trash until 6-Set Entropy.
Also tripods make a massive difference.

Edit: check out Bongyoung Park on youtube/twitch. He has a lot of guides and information on both Reaper builds. One of, if not th ebest Reaper player in Korea.

Entropy classes scale with entropy set. lvl 0 entropy = you’re scuffed. lvl 1 entropy = meh, lvl 2 entropy = ok, lvl 3 entropy = omg that’s a lot of damage.

the dps spells used on lunar build have +40% crit rate (on 2 spells) and +60% crit rate on the 3rd spell from tripod

Just seems like you don’t fully understand what makes a character strong. How much spec do you have, how are your tripods, the relic isn’t completed, character level, Is your rotation right?

You’re missing level 12 skills, tripods, full relic, full relic level 2, and high quality on relic gear.

If you weren’t meh, the class would be OP.

also the hype around a class doesnt usually come from how strong it is but the playstyle and theme / aesthetic which makes people like it since pretty much all of the classes are able to perform good dps in comparison to each other you should never consider the hype around a class to resemble its strength

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If he’s going spec/crit then adrenaline is overkill. 40% from red skills tripods, 10% back attack, 17% entropy set, and around 20% from crit stat. That’s 87% and can be 94% if using LWC set. Not to mention one of the red skills maxes out at 60% crit rate so you’re overcritting.

Do you dislike the damage or the playstyle? If damage then wait for entropy. If playstyle then nothing’s changing much.