So its been a week and reaper is

Lunar needs max level tripods on red skills and full relic set and of course at least lvl 7 gems. Do you have it? No.

don’t expect reaper to be a top performer dps wise. Sure she is fun to play, but the dps is subpar compared to DB striker / surge DB / ignite sorc (even deadeye perform better).

If you accept you will have less dps than those classes while being more squishy and you find the class fun to play, then it’s ok :slight_smile:

Tell me you don’t know anything about lunar without telling me kekw

Strange, every people i know that played on KR, can be friends, guildies, streamers, or even myself, we all think it’s one of the best DPS.

Moon is currently A+ tier, and Thirst is A tier.

And no, deadeye doesnt perform better ._.

Reaper is currently rated as a top dps in KR

Untill this classes get nerft lmao
Look arcana and artilarist go from ok dps to top dps classes.
So if you just wana play the TOP dps class… good luck with that after every balance patch.

I don’t know if reaper using Entrophy but don’t make any judge before you get full set. %21 back attack damage is like another Grudge or engraving.

Strange, i play on RU version wich is more close to KR than our version, and reaper is middle of the pack.

Can you link a study or a serious dps survey to support your claim?

I’m sorry, i won’t do that, but you can search on youtube, there is many recent (after the last rework of many classes) tier list.

There is also a tierlist on Inven, which isnt about a single person, but a group of great players.

And you can also find (but with more difficulty i think) a tierlist based on the DPS in Trixion, with the difficulty of each class, requirements etc.

Inven is always a good source for information, hard to navigate on it as you need to rely on translator (except if you understand KR)

There is also some youtubers that are reliable with that.

Also not to mention he is playing lunar which we in the Na/Eu do not have a compliment of stats to play its full potential yet. Did you not do any research?

I think there are a lot of players that don’t know how to play their classes because they’re dog shit at the game. e.g 1490’s getting outdamaged by 2 piece relic 1460’s. I wouldn’t doubt it if you’re one of those players that think they’re hot shit but probably don’t even know your Reaper rotation and never see MVP.

Because in fact, if we had no guide to follow, you wouldnt know your class too ?

All people aren’t following guide, there is some people that just discover the game.

It doesnt mean that they are “dog shit”, but your answer 100% prove that you are.

i was thinking about the same, full level 4 tripods. 5 engravings, 1661 spec 4 relic gear.
I have only 2 level 9 atk gems and level 20 wep.
Her raid skills do around 25mil or less.
Need to see once i get her to level 60 and level 5 tripods on her red skills at least.
Most of the damage missing is coming from there and not having full enthropy

You’re right, i always escape when it spawn.

Joke aside, you’re just like your sentence, useless.

Of course i see MVP screen, why would my answer say something about how good i am on the game ? Are you stupid ?

As if i could tell you that you are bad on the game because you are a total toxic, that’s not the case.

You’re just limited, doesn’t mean you’re bad.

The way multiplication works, yes higher crit rate for KBW and a flat 21% multiplied by every other engraving will make a massive difference. But that’s every entropy class. Pretty worthless damage until full entropy.

i also play lunar my reaper is 1490 roughly same setup only lvl 7 dmg gems, i pulled 30mil max (for swoop skills so 2x 30mils) in vykas all gates didnt had 4 set yet its lvl 55 with lvl 11 swoop skills they avrage roughly around 22mil, also i have to notify im playing spec/swift lunar, so my build is still not hitting its full potential cause i need the tripods and lvl 2 4 set for entropy then i still barely hits the mark for kbw to be good but that is fixed with crit synergy, with full tripods and lvl2 4 set entropy + back attacks it has has 70/90% crit rate with GS synergy makes it 80/100% crit rate thats w.o. crit cards

The damage is fine. If you’re playing a class just for damage then you’re going to be jumping classes a lot. Play for the class playstyle. The only class/spec that I can think of that’s really below average is pistoleer and even that is playable as long as you’re built well and play well.

People also have to realize there’s different levels of burst. Surge deathblade is the classic burst build that relies heavily on one skill. Then you have strikers who rely on cycling through 3 esoteric skills to “burst”. Moon reaper is similar to deathblow strikers except they are way more mobile even if they are “slow”. Moon reaper plays like a cross between deathblow striker and RE deathblade. You rely on a few critical skills and cycle through them constantly.

did you watch a single reaper video in your life before making one?

cuz if you got sold the idea by someone that reaper is the strongest class in the game
well i’d suggest you demand your money back

at what point in time did you stop giving a fuck about having fun in this game?

Maybe you are not a good reaper play.

i respect that its your own opinion and preference, but saying reaper is slow and not being able to utilize the speed is wrong. This is my opinion and experience: You literally need your movement skills for building meter, you gain an extra dash by playing persona mode and in my case now, with all tripods lvl 4, 5x3 with adrenaline (i hate cursed doll) and spec/swift necklace, im rotating all the time dashing from one side to the other. Moon is so flashy because you HAVE to use your mobility skills for meter, not just as an uptime holder. Im not moving that much with my thirst reaper as with my moon reaper. With thirst you only need to spam red skills and shadow vortex inbetween, lets say the boss stands still and doesnt move, you dont have to use ANYTHING ELSE, but moon has to. Thirst is still fast af and ofc faster than moon but i wouldnt say moon is slow.