So its been a week and reaper is

Spec/swift? so you are playing thirst build? cause moon is crit/spec. Moon is slower, there’s no argument there. They hit hard just like any crit/spec class build and with no movement/attk speed bonuses how is crit/spec build any faster than that of a swiftness build?

Level 5 tripods make a big difference for any dps class

im playing moon with adrenaline as 5th engraving so spec/swift. Moon might be slower ofc but moon is not slow thats the difference. We literally got 2 dashes more to flick around, persona gives us 30% movement speed. I got a 1425 thirst alt, i’d say i know the comparison because im playing both.

when I first started playing AT scouter (NOT ironman) it was VERY lackluster.

But once I got used to the playstyle more and more, it started blowing up BIG damage and the skills which takes a bit to appear and dish out damage which I hated made more sense and become more fluid.

just takes time maybe 1-2 months before you get into the flow of the class. But you have to be motivated to actually play and learn the class to it’s peak.

If you give up then you’ll always think its garbo because you never tried to improve or learn the proper flow to play the class well.


There’s a rhythm to every class that takes motivation and determination to learn it properly and learn the skill rotations during certain situations. This could take 1-2 months or maybe never to muscle memory the flow.

Don’t give up and it’ll click or maybe never…

probably because its not fully lvl 5 tripods, lvl 60 +12 all skills, lvl 7-9 gems and most importantly no bracelet and ancient gears yet, some of the high end classes will be much more fun and satisfying when they got bracelet and ancient set

and yea every classes are overhyped by the players even if the class is average literally

Wait reaper isn’t meme on in KR for nothing lol… did you miss the memo ?

Nah, u can play moon with both spec/swift and spec/crit. The ceiling from spec crit is higher but only if the boss never moves. In reality its maybe 2-4% dps difference.

I dunno about OP. My 1490 2 piece relic reaper with 4x3+2 (lunar 2 cause I wait until books drop a bit more) is already as strong as my 1460 4x3 sh and sharpshooter. I crit above 20mill with lvl 4 tripods on trixion with 2,5mill dps after 2 min. It will only get better with lvl 55 and 60 full set full 5x3.

But I actually don’t care about the smoge numbers atm cause I love the playstyle. U should never only focus on big numbers more if the style of the class suits u. If not u got an new lopang I guess.

That’s what I was wondering with crit/spec it’s more viable to use with KBW engravings if any moon reaper is going for that successful high damage. But like I mentioned it’s player’s preference. I specifically want to enjoy the classes I play that will make me want to log in everyday. I can careless about big numbers or what other players think cause then it’s becoming more of a competitive thing.