So, its time to broke with LA

Hey AGS and Smilegate. I will say: Thanks for this broken piece of server architecture.

Im Founder, waiting since it was pronounced in KR.

Why im Done? Because of your wrong decision all over the way.

  1. You see the Preorder Number? Yeah? No More words to this
  2. You see the amount of q on the first 2 days. And then your decision was to reopen the full server instead of instantly create an new Region for the new Player?
    You now, you lie huh? you got many servers in backhand? WHERE ?
  3. You say your calculation was 200k Player? Still Math? No more words here needed.

But its all ok, everyone makes mistakes. its ok.
But now, it comes to the biggest mistakes you done.

You say, switch to new Servers: Where are my Founderpackages and Crystals? Ah yeah these things on my main server. What an Earth you think to do such things SERVER BOUND?
Then say: yeah switch to the new region: oh Wait all my things that i claimed are gone. That Founderpackage are wasted.
Is that your strategy to spit your customer right in there face?

I wait 2-3 Month now and MAYBE i come back and see what you do with Lost Ark.
I hope you find a good Solution. But with you words:
NAH we cant do anything, no server transfer, no reclaim. ah the solution is: wait till most of the player are upset and leave so we get 200k player!


Angry customer is scary customer…
Anyway I just wish AGS can release OCE server… the community deserves it (we got the rights to play just like other countries now we want the server)

Rip bro there’s so many of us like that. Buying founders was a big nope