So, I've been away for five months. Has anything changed?

Specifically, I see that they’re still attempting to fight the bot problem. I’m even more interested to know if anything has changed re: honing and also making the game more enjoyable for casual players who don’t want to raid. If I come back, will I be able to progress my 1465 main without raiding? I.e., has any content been added to give casual players an incentive to return to the game? Thanks all.

i usually dont prevent people from hopping back into the game, but this game is all about Raiding.

yes there have been new things added, but also the new raids are also the main content for this new patch.

raids probably just got harder and the amount of gatekeeping went up, pug party skills on older raids also went up on average, i guess

Nah, nothing changed. You can go back to enjoying life.
Western Lost Ark is not worth it, unless you are adicted like me.