So I've been waiting for 7+ hours and now I can't play with my friends

So I’ve seen through Twitter as well as on the forum and it seems I’m not the only one with this problem. I’m from EU so It’s almost 02:00AM and I’ve been waiting to play since 3pm today. I bought the Founder’s pack on my way back from work since I thought it had a decent value and I finally had time to play since my work day was short and it’s a weekend. I then come home to the server’s being in maintainance which is partly my fault for not checking but I could not on my life think that a gaming company would put maintainance for 4 hours before launch instead of in the morning when EU is actually working or better yet, sleeping. But I could wait a few hours, I wasn’t in a rush and it seemed we’ve getting compensated with the founder’s packs. But not only is the launch almost 7 hours off time but once I finally get into the game, I’m unable to play with my friends who’ve bought the founder’s pack and created characters before hand… (Which I would’ve been able to if not for the maintainance.) It’s failure after failure, like at least give me something to work with here, I can overlook most of these problems but if I can’t play with my friends why would I even bother playing? And honestly, the solutions could be SO simple like for example reassuring people that IN the future we can transfer our characters… IF that was the case, instead of being here on the forums, and trying to talk to amazon support which is absolutely not helpful, I would be playing on a random server with the KNOWLEDGE that I can transfere afterwards…

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I’ve been watching this game closely on Steam since 11:00 AM my time (When it was supposed to come out) And finally get into the game the SECOND i’m allowed to, to see that their server is full…and not only that but here’s a Dev Post in responce to someone saying they NEEDED server transfers.

“We definitely hear and understand the requests for a server transfer feature. However, as the feature does not currently permanently exist in any version of Lost Ark, this is not something we have the ability to implement immediately and we will have to work through possibilities for with Smilegate RPG.”