So just to be clear

You can’t get beyond 1370 without the Abyssal Raids… right?

you need gear from argos/hard orehas to progress further with honing.


So yes, the raids are the only way to progress.

Thank ya, guess I’ve hit my personal end game. Had a good time.

Argos and Oreha hard mode aren’t really that hard. you could just watch a video about argos and find a party for phase 1 and oreha hard is just like normal mode but they just hit harder and that’s about it.

its not exactly hard content. literally anyone can do oreha hard and argos phase 1 is pretty easy too.

but if you dont like raids then yes this would be the end

you can buy an argos bus , same goes with next content Valtan. But if that is too dificult for you, then is better to quit, because that is the entry easy raid content.

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Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t get much easier from those. Only hill climb in difficulty. I do think there should be a practice mode of some sort that gives no rewards, also being able to pick a specific stage. Who knows might meet people and actually have some type of interaction. :eyes: Hardly doubt practice mode would be all that sweaty. Then again, the argument could be go watch a video, well… Some people learn differently. If I knew I did not know something properly, I wouldn’t want to waste someone’s time doing the real go.

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There will be practice raid, comming with kakul i think.Where you can practive with your group.

Ah, yeah… forgot about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lmao bye bot


But if people dont like raids in a game were raids the selling points are… well

If you’re set against raiding, then yes this game is not for you.

Raids are not necessarily very hard though and you can easily get people to carry you for gold or even free at times. I’d give it a try before quitting.

I can only help you with that from whatever server you are from

that’s just mean. why are you calling him a bot? bruh…


Yes, bots cant raid


playing the game where the only goal is to upgrade gear to enter harder content, finally encountering harder content “I guess I quit”. Genius. What did you expect when you were starting? Reskin Chromanium in 1460 with more HP?

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bots literally have damage hacks they can solo whatever they want. so they definitely can do it

I don’t think anymore, they fixed that issue. I agree though if you think 1370 content is hard you did not learn how to play your character

the OP was just asking a question tho. he didn’t say he can’t do them he just thinks he won’t be able to do them without even trying them or watching any videos to see that they’re so simple. however he didn’t reply back so i would assume he gave up without even trying which is not good.


Fun fact, the majority of you are why I don’t enjoy raids. I actually enjoyed my time in the game, but the community once you get to forced raiding… is well…


You’re just not fun to play with, sorry.