So legendary skins when?

nice roadmap but where the hell are the Legendary skins ? :sob:


on god 4r4r

release them already, its a damn joke at this point. u had 1 year to find a solution for releasing skins that already in the game…hilarious



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ags probably

just makes no sense to not give them to us… its been so long :smiling_face_with_tear:


Pretty clear at this point Smilegate would rather make the global version worse and set millions of dollars on fire, than risk an angry KR whale making a rage thread on Inven.

As D4 and all the new MMOs release later this year not many of us will be around to swipe for skins if they ever come out so… their loss.

D4 or any of the other new mmos gonna be hyped for a week or 2 and people gonna come back to lost ark anyways - :man_shrugging:

I think you’re greatly underestimating the following and pull that D4 has.


dont get me wrong im not hating on D4 or calling it a bad game. but most lost ark players that are going to try D4 will be back in a week or 2 they just want something different to try out that was my whole point. i know D4 will have a lot of players :slight_smile:

im not installing the game again till we have the skins other have, this is ridiculous :clown_face: :clown_face:

@Roxx I know you have alot of threads to go through, But do you have an update on legendary skins also do you know about the new hairstyles in Kr. Any update on either of these things?


we dont need that awful jar here. Im ok without them

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This thread is the reason why theyll close the forums hahaha

Legendary skins will come in the Roadmap Part 3, when AGS needs more milk.

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