So... let's talk about OG class intros for a sec

Hi, I am a new Lost Ark player and, by far, it is the best MMO experience I had in a loooong time. Seriously, I am having a blast with many things, both big and small in scope, during the 50 hours that I spent playing the game.

But I wasn’t able to wrap my head around one specific thing: how the story seems a complete mess at the beginning.

Those narrated animations at the game’s start are so confusing and nonsensical that I thought it was purposefully made to be ignored, like many other MMOs before it.

However I just learned about something very interesting: there was a whole playable intro in old builds of the game where you were presented to the lore and story with a much more smooth initial contact. They all seemed to, at least, do an okay job at explaining your characters motives to do what they do and tie it all with the demons, that are (until where I am at) the main antagonists.

So, after considering this I have to ask, specially to people that played way before release in the west: Was it really that better?

I know there are a lot of “G and Esc” guys/gals out there that just don’t care for the story at all, and it is really okay. But I really appreciate the events after around lv 25ish.


Yea, I really liked playing the intros, I miss them but I guess the devs didnt want to have the job of creating a new intro for each class they made, which is a shame


A real shame, really. The quests mechanics are kind of meh. Grab this, drop it there; go to point A, and then B after that; press G to interact with item, kill X enemies, etc. But the story is really nice, would love to see those intros now instead of the generic animated ones.

What i dont get… all MC are delains or is just an assassin thing?

We’ve gotten a lot of conflicting feedback about this, but I have a special place in my spot for the old prologues as well. I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to bring them back, but I hear ya and am happy to share this


Yeah, that was one of my pieces of feedback in the article I wrote about the closed beta. I would have liked to see at least the option of playing through the original intros for the base classes, even if it was only offered in the original language(s).

Appearing on a ship in the current prologue is almost completely disconnected from the story and worldbuilding. There is no link between picking your advanced class and ending up on the expedition.


Assassins are Delain. Mages are possessed by the spirit of an archmage/renowned mage or something. Martial artists are just martial artists that defended the land’s guardian spirit iirc. Never played Warrior.

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I followed story to some point, then i noticed im falling back in levels with rest of group. So skipped all i could and rushed. But eventually will make alt without power pass and level to follow up all. Most MMOs have great story behind that people skip and never see :smiley:


I really wish they were still there. the new start is just so boring. the old ones with each characters specific region and some story actually linking you to the world, the animated intros just don’t do it justice, such a disappointment. hopefully we will get them at some point even as a kinda flashback event

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I don’t mind they are not in the game, just more disappointed to the why they are not there. You’d think with the amount of money they get from the cash shops and packs that this would be a no issue. However its really clear that the main reason behind this was to simply cut down on cost.

Would like to see our $ go to good use and simply give the option to skip for those who do not care. These types of choices, i can’t help but only see the greed side of the reasons.

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Thank you all for your inputs on this guys. It seems we can reach some kind of agreement here: the OG intros were enriching to the story overall and would probably be better on instead of off the game.

There is so much amazing content that people have just been skipping because they presume it is not worth it.

A good example is the old pirate Phorba. You find him drunk and asking for booze in a simple grab and drop quest when going through Croconys Seashore and probably will not give too much thought about it (I barely did myself).

[SPOILER ALERT] It is possible to find later (through a quest activated by killing a giant monster crab required for the Adventurer’s Tome in the map) that his little son sacrificed himself a long time ago to fight that creature, and Phorba is clearly affected by those events till nowadays. This leads you to realize why he has drinking problems without never saying a word about it (not that I remember now lol). [SPOILER END]

It is clear the game hides some great story beats in the main storyline and also through secondary and optional quests. But interest seems to be lost by people (at least those who would have it in the first place) when they reach such moments. And in my opinion, it all comes down to those first hours where the game doesn’t make any sense during it’s presentation.

Here’s hoping that whoever makes this decisions realizes the same. The game is incredibly successful already, bringing more attention to it’s story would only result in more players actually deciding to give it a go, and that is no bad thing the way I see it.

Does someone have anny videos where we who have never played this before can watch the OG intros?

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I looked around, but couldn’t find anything specific, would love to know too.

Here you can see the mage one: Lost Ark - 2 Hours of Raw Gameplay - Mobirum First - YouTube

My understanding is that the reason they were cut is exactly what you see in the video: they were too long and boring. It took the video 1h30 to reach the first town and be able to play with friends, which was not fun, on average I think most users would take around 1h or 30+ minutes skipping cutscenes

As far as finding footage, searching on YouTube with “lost ark first gameplay”, sort by date and try looking at the really old ones, maybe in Korean or Russian it might be easier? Anyway, good luck with that

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I really loved the old prologues as well. It would be cool if, after creating your character, the game would ask if you want to play the Prologue before choosing your advanced class. Maybe even give them a chest with potions for that, similar to how the powerpass rewards your for playing through its quest rather than skipping it.

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Hello @GUI, thank you for taking time to find and share a link.

I do agree that it might be boring to some having to go through intros, but nonetheless, since they already created a short version, why not just go ahead and give players the option to choose? Like when creating an alt we could get the option to just skip those entirely too. Maybe it would spare the work of doing it for new classes that might arrive in the future, yes. But I feel the option would attract more players interested in lore and story.

Thank you again, I will be searching for more videos.

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Oh yeah, I totally agree with the sentiment, I honestly feel like there were options to it that weren’t just to cut it completely like they did as the small video intro we get when we create the character feels really lacking and confusing

And the current skip prologue button could be implemented and the person can just skip the whole thing if they want, even the multiple option thing is not thaaaaat necessary. But given how well received the change was in Korea I wonder if they would do something about it, they would also need to do one for the specialist class.

We can only hope the CMs forwards this to smilegate and eventually we can see it back in the game, it’s not like it’s asking to create something from the scratch as the work is already done, maybe just cut some filler parts to condense it a little and it would be perfect imo

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The conflicting feedback is only for those who don’t know what they are or assume that if they’re re-introduced they’ll be mandatory. They’re a great onboarding experience and have unique visual flair, so adding them in as optional starting choices would only be a good thing

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Yes I totally agree, and I don’t even understand why those were removed in the first place, before the beta, and without consulting the player’s feedbacks.
If Amazon decided to remove the class introduction stories after players would have complained about them, it would make sense, but they just decided to remove these for no reason.
I hope this will change, to get the complete story and to get the achievements too.