So LoAON, will we get the QOL

Just curious what AGS and SG plans are for bringing system changes like the new tripod system / MVP screen / Trixion testing system update / Skin wardrobe amongst a few other system changes to the western version of LA.

If you are reading this and would also like to get official word on this then comment your thoughts bellow it will be the best way to get this seen and responded to by a CM

@Roxx if u happen to have any info in relation to this :slight_smile:


Considering the fact that we already got most of the QoL KR got on February, and that the game launched here on February and the fact that we got the class balance the KR got in April… well I would wager that yes, we are going to get the QoL not too late after KR themselves.


yeah this is what i expect to happen as well

They don’t, it’s weekend. :smiley:


We are still waiting on a website similar to loawa and still waiting on a public auction house on web (commonly reffered as API).

I would prefer that those things come along with it too.

imagine Roxx resting and in his thoughts is born a “uh, I’ll look at the Lost Ark forum, to see who insults me today”

i do imagine the QOL stuff would make it to NA sooner than later and system changes. KR getting some of these changes in july so maybe West gets it august or sep ?

We will have these things coming to our version of the game at some point in the future!

As a specific call out for the changing Skill Tree Transfer System, we do want players to know that, as mentioned in the livestream, the new system will not require skill tree inventory slots. Any Royal Crystals used to purchase these slots will not be refunded when the system changes, as these inventory slots will instead shift to provide more functional benefits in the new system. Please be aware of this if you are considering buying additional skill tree slots prior to this change!!


this is actually cool, thanks for the heads up

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Again, answering without an definitive answer… every reply is something like this. You realise saying this is like saying nothing at all? Ofc we gonna get this eventually in the future, that’s pure logic (i think???)

You do realise we’re talking of features that even KR don’t have yet, and they don’t have a date for it either?

I do, I said nothing against that. What I mean is, if she is going to answer with what i quoted, might aswell say nothing at all. Because that’s not an answer at all, so what’s the point.

Considering many of these features were revealed to KR players for the first time over the weekend and don’t yet have set launch dates in the KR region, we also do not/cannot yet have dates for NA & EU launches since we will have to follow KR. OP’s question was about whether or not they are coming at all, which I can provide a definitive yes for in the meantime.


the question was “will we get the QoL”, not “when will we get the QoL”, so yes, Roxx answer is legit

No problem! I like your username if it’s what I think it is :eyes:

to be fair she answered based on the title of the thread “will we get the QOL”

If some people ask questions, it means some people needs answers, you might not need it, but some do

What “new” info you want?
We already know whats coming, we dont know when and neither does she.
What we know is we get QoL stuff quickly and the new tripod system is a QoL update adressing concerns of people across multiple regions.

funny thing is that we are gonna have the skin wardrobe before the skins

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Even Lost Ark cms forget about South America i see.

No wonder why our region don’t get any support from the most basic stuff like regionalized prices when every other gaming company provide