So many Bots in Bossrush

Here on EU West are so many bots in Bossrush and u can not kick them if the Bossrush already startet, so thex leech and leech and leech:
there are just from my last 2 Bossrushes, every time I got 1 bot in there

I’m sure you can, I did it few times already. But all 3 party members have to warn it first then click kick. The only doomed situation is when there are 2 bots, then you can’t probably kick them because bot won’t warn amother bot

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nope it says the content is in progress, after one Boss dies.

i found 3 this week and asked party to kick. They told me to shut up

Seems like LA full of bot sympathizer

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I did a bunch of Boss Rushes today and was able to get the group to kick bots from 5 of them. In 3 others there were also bots but someone failed to warn so we couldn’t kick. This is insane… I mean wtf…

So PSA, look at who’s in your Boss Rush and look at chat in case others are asking you to warn them and ultimately kick. Screw these low life botters

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If you dont want bots in your boss rush. Do it solo, much faster and no hicups.

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Thanks for solving the bot issue, how could i not think about it before

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do it solo or with a pre made group. mm in chaos dungeon and boss rush is waste of time.

Its not solving the BOT issue. It is avoiding the BOT to cause you some issue.

Solving the BOT issue is within AGS/SG capabilities which I doubt. :sad:


boss rush always faster in a group for me since all my skills I use 1 shot the boss regardless if its 1p or 4p hp.

Did you miss the thousands of bots exploiting the guild daily/weekly token for turn in to gold system. I bet you will see a fix to that soon which will in turn hurt us normal players.

Much faster if you do it solo since you can 1 shot each boss rather than having 4man party and have to help one side from killing it. Is my logic valid or you assume that all 4 party members can 1 shot each boss?

no. I can always 1 shot the boss with any skills on my alts. In solo i have to one shot 3 bosses for example with 3 skills on floors 10-15 if is olo.

If I do 4p and the other 3 are leeches i still have to 3 skill 1 shot 3 bosses. But if even 1 isn’t a leech its faster. Does that make sense?

If I can literally 1 shot the boss in 1p or 4p no matter what then why would solo be faster than 4p.

Yes, there are already scripts on the market that automate Bossrush.

because they buy golds, thats why they love bots.