So many bots on Azena Vern has 50 Channels

Literally all the channels are filled with bots it’s ridiculous and unfun to play around.

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Recently, posts reporting bots are just being ignored by AGS/SGS/CMs/Community in the forum.

Looks like they don’t know how to fix and community just accepted to live with bots killing slowly the game.

I mean, they are not doing recurrent, constant, and most important, effective work on it. All they supposedly are doing is mass ban, which for us, players is clearly another lie from AGS/SGS. There are bots everywhere.

At the current pace, I don’t expect a healthy community after 2023 playing Lost Ark (Western Version).

Edit: For me, SGS/AGS are the Gold Sellers. Since they reduced the p2w aspect for western, they need to fill the gap with another approach. I mean, just speculating the obvious since they are ignoring reports against bots. Seems they are winning something ignoring this. Just in theory, ofc :eyes:


bots are running wild they really need to find some kind of solution

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As @Roxx said in another post, nothing we post in forum against bots is effective. The teams are different, so they are just ignoring us by community relations design. Once nobody is hearing and acting by us, we can only accept them in Lost Ark as a first-class citizen. I don’t expect anything sooner from AGS/SGS to solve it.

requesting a screenshot of the channels. keep seeing people say this without posting screenshots. Not arguing against or anything just looking for a screenshot of it for reference.

Why exactly? There are several posts with full and rich report. They receive (when receiving) a template answer. Is it fair for you? I mean, are you playing the game? Any moderator working full time for AGS just need to login in the game to see these f* bots. Is that hard to really concern about this as currently bots are everywhere? :man_facepalming:

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Because Galatur in the same region has virtually no bots by comparison. Granted there are still a TON of them but I have never seen a zone with that many open channels.

Its a simple request.

EDIT: Also helps to better illustrate OPs point

My partner and I have had our first queues on Shandi today (I had a wait of about 550). This isn’t a long wait, but it suggests that bots are a bigger issue than they’ve ever been.

If you’re needing evidence, Opher’s Island is a great place to look. It’s amazing, really.


No f2p game ever fixed bot problems … They ban what u want them to do more

I think the key to limiting bots is to limit ways you make it to easy to earn gold with automated quest programs. From what I understand they blundered pretty hard with the whole ark pass update and now you can get something like 1500 gold per account for free (not from the pass I belive) and the bot spam was inevitable…you just really can’t afford those kinds of oversights in a F2P game where vasts amounts of gold are not locked behind a paywall or some form of difficulty where it’d be very hard for a bot to do regularly (IE randomness to it).

There is loads of creative ways to at least limit the games vulnerability to mass botting.

So the solution for less bots is to make game hard expensicce and shitty for the rest? Honestly most people don’t get harmed by bots but way more by the solutions to them

You’re mis understanding, you don’t make it shitty for the rest you just put things that are able to be sold like Gold behind content that has randomized elements bots can’t easily do…IE harder content then questing. So for instance you don’t see full bot teams doing Argos.

Just imagine how many RMTers (cheaters) must be there but of course everyone claims to be legit or F2P. Its gotten really ridiculous at the Chaos Dungeon entrance in the city of North Vern.