So many bots on Neria...(with video proof)

The bot situation is ridiculous, was levelling in Rethramis and I encountered ONE legit human player in about an hour of play. They’re all Berserkers and Sorceresses with speedhacks insta-teleporting around and using abilities faster than you should be able to. You can sit by a main quest giver and see endless hordes of bots all clearly using hacks.

PLEASE get on top of the situation, there were no bots at all in the 3 day Founder early access, and suddenly when f2p hits they’re everywhere. Judging by the forums it’s not just Neria either. if I was starting the game today this would be incredibly off-putting to me, and it’s concerning long-term for the economy and general experience. Obviously bots are unavoidable to a certain extent, even in WoW you’d see Druid bots farming resource nodes (which I’ve also seen here too with Sorceresses) but this amount is incredibly concerning.

I love this game so much, please, please nip this in the bud before it gets totally out of control. Invest resources into a team to either upgrade the anti-cheat software or manually monitor the situation live, like I say just sit by a main quest giver in Loghill or Rethramis Border and you’ll see hundreds.

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their too busy banning chat warriors

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Its crazy now with the bots leveling up. I made a new Sorc. last night to go through the “new experience again”. Every low level zone is flooded with bots. I seen maybe 2 real players between loghill and yudia questing.

Also I noticed Bersekers are on foot and the Sorcs are mounted.(Usually).

This is a weird one, they must glitch themselves or something because the Bots have been pathing into Nerias Inn, then porting out, then port back to Prideholme and path back into the Inn over and over for a week now.

dont worry easy anti cheat is the best anticheat to get on the market

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