So missed out on P2 Valtan

So Friday 20th i was in the Valtan P2 and servers went down we weren’t mid fight or anything just sitting talking about the last part and clearly got dc due to servers going but i couldn’t reenter once servers came back up.

Sent in ticket and got a typical bot response so i keep trying them everyday, so basically my point is i missed out on P2 no rewards. So we going to get anything for compensation as i did miss out on the good rewards compared with P1…

Kind regards Pally :wink:

Why does everyone think they are special nowadays :rofl: you cant prove this so you wont get a response its that simple.Nobody cares about 1 guy claiming something that cant be proven.have a good one

How am i special i stated MANY people suffered from this kiddo! Want all my messages to AGS?