So, my main is bricked and my early access period essentially doesn't anything being done about Galatur?

TL;DR - The Galatur crash last night has removed all quests and seemingly the ability to find more quests from my level 23 main who I like many people may have used my Founders Packs items on. There seems to be no information available or given to anyone this has effected other than false info leading people to file useless CS tickets that CS cannot help with in any capacity. Please give me a reason to believe AGS/Smilegate is doing anything about this at all, and that we haven’t just once again been shit on by AGS’ incompetence. Thanks.

…I managed to get all the way up to level 23 in my very sparse spare time since Tuesday, before Galatur burned down and took my toon with it. I have no main quests and no access to any quests, character is dead in the water. The name I wanted is taken, my time and progress are used up, my crystalline aura trickling away, my head start nonexistent…thousands of people used their Founders Pack items on characters that are simply HALTED and cannot progress - all because we simply chose the one server that decided to explode 23 hours ago.

This has screwed my week up. I’m not gonna get into the gritty details of my life, but playing this game finally was a very small spark but one of my only sparks of joy over the last very hard couple years. Another one. I was invested in Crucible, and AGS took that away because it was mismanaged from the start. I was invested in New World and AGS has done everything seemingly in their power to set that up for complete failure as well and make sure it stays there. I had faith in Lost Ark largely because AGS was not able to do a lot with it (sorry not sorry) and hey, look…AGS servers broke my character and ruined my week.

I’m so tired you guys. I’m trying to not be whiny and childish here, but ya’ll gotta know what having a reliable escape can mean to people. Gaming is a lot more than just something we do for fun when we’re bored.

@Roxx @Seawolf @TrevzorFTW folks, what’s up. Communicate. What’s going on with my purchase. My character. I can’t refund anymore, I can’t use what I paid for, I can’t go back and choose another server, I can’t use those items on another character, and I can’t purchase another founder pack because, who in their right mind would want to continue to fund this?


This is something, if I decide to completely give up on my character because you guys broke him.

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

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