So NA/SA don't get to do Siege Mode for another week?

Thanks for fixing the PvP coin bug but is there any word on when you are going to fix siege mode so NA/SA can actually take part as well as making the events actually happen based off of server time like shown in game and not UTC

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox even it it wasn’t fixed this week, some info would be nice so my guild doesn’t spend the day this weekend trying to guess when/if Siege mode will be available only to find out it doesn’t work again

The team is aware of this bug and is working on a fix, but unfortunately it is not ready for live with this week’s update. They will continue to work on it

Do you have any new information regarding the issue with players locked out from Valtan by maintenance?

Yesterday’s fix only gave tickets to players disconnected by one out of ~5 maintenance that caused this issue.

@Roxx If it helps, I’m fairly certain the issue is just that parts of the GvE/GvG system are set to UTC time and not the proper region time.

Raid matches are happening at the UTC time that they display instead of the proper region time i.e if it says it happens at 7pm in game and the region is UTC -7 it actually happens at 12pm.

I think that is the cause when it comes to Siege sign-ups as well, matches on sunday are supposed to happen at 8:30pm but because UTC has already rolled over to the next week the game is just saying moving all the sign-ups to the next week and so no one can get in

Didn’t know NASA did Sieges. I thought they only build rockets and stuff you know. Space exploration and all that

any compensation from the weekly rewards we’re missing out on? The weekly event from videos ive seen we’re missing out on a lot of materials, gems, jewelry, etc

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Oh no, time zone related bugs strikes again. But we were told its not a big deal, just convert time/adapt.

I am smelling a fix that will take servers down on Friday or Saturday.

PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. Seriously either its ready for the weekly or it should wait…why is it the servers never come down on a Monday? Always when people have time to play and then get screwed…

stop being naive. Hundreds of guilds and millions of gold did not go into the economy thanks to their incompetence. It is already bad we missed a week, if they have the fix they should throw it out ASAP. Not that I disagree with the fact that maintenance can be annoying for some, but fix is for the greater good