So nothing about bots again eh?

Another week of bots running rampart. Awesome work!


I guess you missed the part where they smited a fuck ton of bots to remove a majority of the queue times.

Read the dev tracker my dude. It’s not hard.

“Please include changes for bots so bot writers can adapt and keep botting”

Why would they post notes about it.


The botting will continue until moral improves, or something like that.

Gonna be honest, for them to say they are doing things and for me to notice less bots running around and seeing a bot farmer quit and sell their rig…has to be good news that they are doing at least SOMETHING in the background to at least participate in solving the problem.

That will never happen. You can only put the fear in them by removing their gold and threatening perma ban if they ever do it again.

There is only so much fear you can put into people playing a F2P video game that costs 3x as much to buy gold from local source over RMT.

It isn’t like you are breaking any laws buying gold, you are only going against the ToS for the game itself. For many the enjoyment of not having to grind endlessly and instead buy to victory outweighs the concern that they might just get banned and have to move on to another game. This holds especially true in that most people just had the gold taken from the account and given a couple day suspension for the crime.

I am not defending botting or RMT and I personally wouldn’t buy gold from either source, I’d likely get bored and quit if I just bought my way to victory. But I struggle to blame someone for wanting to find the better price on anything they buy if they so desire to buy something.

It’s no wonder the botting is so rampant.

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Yeah…I hope that it doesn’t have to end up like Diablo 3 where they have to kill trading but vastly overhaul the game so you can actually get stones and accessories with your stats on them instead of having 99.9% junk.

Other than that I really really like the trading…they would have to overhaul the game way too much eliminate it. Also it would somehow make life skills even more stupid.


It’s the RMT users people should be talking about but that then means putting responsibility on actual players and we can’t have that. There wouldn’t be so many bots if people weren’t buying gold from the bot owners.

Show a zero tolerance policy towards RMT users and you’ll see the bot issue improve. Also keep deleting bots when possible. I wonder if there was another yeeting of bots tonight since there was a big 90k drop in player count that isn’t consistent with previous trends.

Wouldn’t surprise me if many that use RMT sites also buy royal crystals on occasion and they don’t want to perma ban anyone that is a source of income to them.

The whole NA West region is still busy.

Was that like a month ago? The queue times still shoot up at odd hours as bots are seemingly logged out then back in to mimic player behavior.

Concurrent player number has been the highest since launch month, and I doubt they are all returning players.

I’m hoping they do another ban wave next week. Nuke 'em with the patch update.