So now it's confirmed by the CMs that the Golden Cloud mount was a scam

This is now a fact and not a subjective take. Customers paid real money for a store sold item that was nerfed twice after we have paid for it. This precedent is meant to show us what these two companies will do in the future.

Smilegate does the decision making when it comes to everything related to the game itself, so they should be held responsible for this, while Amazon Games decided to not communicate the changes to the mount twice and stealth pushed the “fixes” to it.

This practice is honestly despicable and should be illegal. The fact that the legal agreement says that the company can change whatever they want, after misrepresenting their product to basically cheat the players into wasting their money is as low as you can go.

I will not be spending any more money on this scam of a store.


It’s part of the global change on Korea.
All mounts now have roughly same speed and dash.
Idk what’s your problem.


The problem is it’s not in the patch notes. It was stealth nerfed, then they did a maintenance to revert the changes only to introduce another stealth nerf. Also changing things AFTER people have just paid real money for is a pretty dog move and less tolerated in this side of the world then KR by the looks of it.


No they don’t. You should do your research before you comment. The only global change was the running speed of all the mounts so that the epic mounts weren’t faster than the other mounts. The dash animation speed and distance on several mounts even currently in the game are all different. You can easily check this yourself.


This isn’t a scam, or bait & switch. The developers changed the balance of a mechanic in the game, for which there is a very obvious, legitimate reason.

But yeah, you can probably expect them to continue altering the balance of the game. The fact that you weren’t already expecting this, given it is an immutable reality of a persistent, progressive game, is pretty wild, but at least now you know I guess.

Most people probably aren’t thinking of the dash ability when they buy a mount. They’re thinking about how it looks. The amount of money to be made from a bait & switch on the cloud dash is nearly zero. I promise you they didn’t do this on purpose because it would be a heinous waste of resources to even spend a meeting considering something so dumb.


The dash was never advertised in any capacity when buying it. You played yourself.


Intentional or not they shouldn’t have done this at least not too soon. Rather try to get away with shady steath nerf that made this look like a scam, they should have shared a “balance adjustment” plan with players to nerf it in one or two month, so people still can get some value out of it.

I played a p2w FPS game where they nerf old guns periodicly to keep new guns OP, classic money grab technique.


There is no legitimate reason to make the cloud’s dash (or any other mount) so pitiful that you barely cross more distance while using it instead of simply moving and not using it at all.

Also, why do you think you have any idea what “most people are thinking”?! Not to mention that this is completely irrelevant to the fact that the product sold is now not what we paid for. No other argument changes this fact and is unacceptable. I am shocked there exist even a single person that thinks this is ok.


They didn’t try to get away with anything and it wasn’t shady. It was just a mount normalization pass.

Yeah, why would anyone want to only have to consider the aesthetics of their mount choice rather than have one be head-and-shoulders above the others in terms of practicality.

I’m shocked that you thought a mechanical element of a game subject to ongoing development would be exempt from being changed. Do you ask for a refund on games with a box price once the first patch rolls out because it’s no longer the product you paid for? Like, there’s plenty to criticize about SG but what you’re freaking out about here is literally an inherent reality to a game like this. Everything that is part of the gameplay experience is subject to change.


I guess you just enjoy having your money wasted. I do not.
There is no point in getting into an argument about any person’s reason why they will buy anything in the store, be it cosmetics or otherwise, because this is subjective. What’s not is the facts, and the fact is that I got my money wasted. AGS do not offer refunds - hence - scammed.


You didn’t buy the mount for the dash. Mount movement isn’t advertised in the store. Don’t buy cosmetics if you don’t like the way they look.


That’s what people think, it doesn’t matter what you think or AGS thinks, if most people bought it think they are shady then there would be a problem. I amost buy this mount because it fast, but not anymore, dodge a bullet.

This game requires efficiency to grind alts, if you don’t think mount movement speed matter you probably playing a different game than everyon else.

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Thanks for bringing that up. Mount movement should not be pay to win. I hope they nerf or buff more mounts and bring all of them in line so no one has an advantage. Mounts should be purely cosmetic.

Not happy about it either but its not the end of the world. You still get a decent looking skin out of the purchase and the mount itself isnt half bad looking.

I doubt anyone is getting refunds for this :sweat_smile: its not as though they ever advertised the mount as being faster than other mounts. If you bought the pack for that reason you did so based on something you heard from a 3rd party.

You COULD go through your bank but if you do that your entire steam account will probably be locked.

Just keep this in mind in the future that everything is subject to change/removal without explanation.

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I forget dash even exists half the time so it didn’t affect me or any aesthetic of a mount I like
ill be mounting up even less now with the QoL to dungeon where I’m standing

but what others here said is true kr did this change and most of us who follow sources knew that krs mounts were equalized
though I don’t see the point in making such a fuss about it the mount still works as a mount and still has a dash its just 3 seconds longer

Then they should have thought about that before they sold a mount in the state it was when they sold it. I don’t have a problem if they buff other mounts to be in line with faster mounts that they sold. But making a product that was sold - worse, and after it was already paid for - this is unacceptable for me.

Yes I did. I bought it for the dash and low cooldown. I also happen to like how it looks, even tho I would use a trash can mount if that was the fastest option.


That’s not what “people” think. La gente does not think that. It’s what a few of you who are overreacting over something entirely silly think.

Positively burning with curiosity what you do with your in-game time that is so impacted by your mount’s dash ability. Lost Ark is a game with the most useless mount system I’ve ever encountered. They aren’t even worth activating half the time, and the other half you barely save any actual time. They’re 99% drip and 1% functionality.

Your money wasn’t wasted. You got the aesthetic you paid for, and still have it. They weren’t selling a dash; they were selling a cloud for your character to ride on.

But please answer my previous question: do you ask for a refund for games (like WoW) with box prices once the first patch is released after your purchase?

No, you watched a video somewhere and decided that’s why you wanted to buy it. Mount dash types and distances are not advertised anywhere in the game. You got what you paid for. An orange nimbus mount.


you bought it for a dash that wasn’t store,steam, website or anywhere else officially marketed for that

there is no bait and switch in this case you heard it had a low dash and bought it wasn’t advertised as such

Oh yeah, again you keep repeating yourself. I hope you realize one day you have no idea what “people” think. My money was wasted, yes, and this is a qualification I myself alone can make. Your take on this is irrelevant.