So now, we have to pay Amazon's Debt

AGS accidentally issued free pheons to some of us. People like myself collected on their 10+ characters and after confirmation from AGS, used the pheons to gear 1 or 2 characters. Now, stuck in the negatives and unable to use the Auction house, we’re forced to pay an artificial debt generated by AGS’ mistake and this is their response to the problem;

What type of illogical business decisions led to this outcome? So, after lying to us , you’re forcing us to pay tens of thousands of gold in artificial debt and will do nothing to remediate the situation?

What a disgrace…


Also, I didn’t know some of the mods were comedians. I’ll come see your live show.
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This is what happened:

Amazon fwks up.
Smilegate : different time zone = zzz
Amazon : ooppsiee
Smilegate : zzzz
Amazon : we cant fix this
Smilegate: zzzz
Amazon : lets pretend nothing happened
Smilegate wakes up
Smilegate: wtf is this. They gave away pheons worth millions in dollar?
Amazon: its okay
Smilegate : …
Amazon … okay… right?
Smilegate: what did u do?
Amazon: we let them keep the pheons
Smilegate: …
Amazon: they can keep it right?
Smilegate: oh for sure!
Amazon: okie
Smilegate: for sure they WONT keep it
Amazon: oh…


It’s like if you asked your friend to go out to dinner with you, your treat. Then the next morning you send them a text saying they owe you $47.95 for dinner last night.

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If only it were that rational. It’s more like you stole $47.95 from your friend, then told them they owed it to you for the dinner you got them, ignoring that your friend’s bank account was only at $17.95 prior, leaving them to settle a debt you caused them to incur…

Hey welcome to the party, just getting caught up?

I think the new thing now is Express Event allowing you to open 800 books instead of 40

They don’t give a fuck mate in their reasoning you were the one who exploited the game and broke ToS + code of conduct by opening mails that the publisher sent you.

I was never a fan of their gang but the way they lied about this is straight up pathetic and disgusting. First they claim that they didn’t mean to do it it’s just that they “had to” attach items to the reminder mail otherwise they couldn’t send it and it would be somewhat believable if they only accidentally attached 1 item like pheons but it had also had a card pack and a battle item chest.

If your intention is to send a mail with no attachments and you accidentally attach something to it I guess ok I will believe that but explain to me how do you accidentally select 3 items to be sent with it? That’s intentional for sure.

Other thing is lying about the character deletion exploit and when nobody comes forward or hears about anyone actually doing the exploit the community manager shifts it to “you know what? The people who claimed the mails that we sent were the exploiters”

Then some people made genuinely funny threads about the whole fiasco memeing it and there was nothing offensive in there no bashing the company just people joking about it and the forum mods remove them within 5 minutes. What the fuck? That’s how you would want your community to react in the first place instead of raging and malding about it but whatever I guess.

I personally have claimed the mails and did nothing with the pheons because I did think they will roll it back. Then they took down the servers and wasted everyone’s time for 5 hours just to say “ok we are not going to do anything about this then”.

So I spent it on a few tripods I didn’t even want because all my characters are geared. Then after patch I just see the pheons being deducted with some people ending up with negative pheons ie. a debt.

I really dislike the staff and the CM now to be honest.

This is one of the only industries that can get away doing this crap to their customers. It’s an extremely predatory decision but no one can check them. You’d think that with the failure of New World they would have learned SOMETHING, but it seems like incompetence is AGS’ style.

How was New World a failure? That game made tons of money, is still actively going a year and change later and just had a huge successful push to get back into the 100k player range.

Compare to LA which population is literally 90% bots and down nearly 95% of its original player count, you can’t even play your game cause of disconnects and Smilegate is literally laughing in your face as y’all are going to give them money cause of this Pheon issue. Y’all are dogs to Smilegate.

The “debt” is a result of amazon’s compliance with playerbase complaints wanting equalization, I think regarding debt specifically, amazon is not the direction of the blame, as they just followed what a large vocal percentage of the player base advocated for

Good for you.

Locking players out of the Auction House is “equalization”? Are you sure you know what that word means?

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Equalization as in people want everyone to get the same amount of pheons. In order to do that they have to do a reversal of the primary pheon and then give compensation. That player complaint specifically is what caused the reversal of their initial stance of allowing players to keep the pheon

I don’t want this game to end up like New World. This game relies on a healthy player base for completing group content.

You don’t want it to end up like a non-p2w game, with no disconnect issues, negative Pheons and a healthy playerbase that isn’t bots? :rofl:

werent you saying you just do 1-2 legion raids per week in this version?

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That’s not equalization, that’s preferential treatment. They want the pheons removed because they didn’t get them, it has nothing to do with “equal” anything…

They made this fiasco, fix it the right way. Do not punish the players because it was not the player’s mistake they sent it they claimed it. There was a message in it. So it was legal until amazon realized that they fucked up.

There’s no proof of any exploit that they can present that’s valid. The other person who posted a screenshot with 9k pheons was photoshopped.

Smilegate/AGS straight lied to our faces.
PS: I didn’t claim any pheons.

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first time I agree
I have been calling this all over the forums but you are too afraid to support my unpopular opinion :slight_smile:

??? Are you even reading what you’re typing? What does the amount of characters in my roster have to do with the Legion Raids I run? Stop stalking me and go back to school…