So now witht he Bots gone.. what happend with the Game performance?

Heyho, now after all the bots are gone and the playerbase is down to a normal 130-280k players daily , what happends with the extreme game freezes in some areas?

first i thought ok… a trillion bots… thats a reason for that… but well now they gone… and the freezes are still around… already tested is with different systems, and also got a beefy Internet connection with low latency…

is this something what will be worked on? or is it just not that a big of an issue ?

looking for other experiences or feedback if people found solutions (maybe client wise)

best regards

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The game may prob not be optimized correctly / can’t be consistently stable.

A while back ago, people bought up some workarounds in regards to turning off certain chat settings to launchup-settings on the steam platform before launching Lost Ark.

I guess maybe you could try getting a SSD if that would change anything or completely close down any other applications running in the background of your PC. Last thing you could try is shut down the game and restart or put your PC to sleep and turn it back on > launch the game again.

From personal experience, most of the time the game runs pretty smoothly, but I guess it’s just a matter of living with the time to time small inconvenience with the freezes.

Objectively wise to AGS/SG, it’s prob not that big of an issue/less of a priority. They are occupied busy with bots, punishing RMT, fixing bugs from patches or developing other stuff :man_shrugging:

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mh its not that it runs crappy at all, mostly got 65-120frames… but sometimes it just stops completly (without affecting the frames) , running it already on a SSD (with enough overhead free space available), the funny part is that i had absolut no issues at all with 800k people(bots) around in the game… but just slowly getting worse.

in addtion sometimes the loading screen just stops somehow and doing nothing.

its just a really odd behaivior :confused:

add -notexturestreaming to the launch options.

To set launch options, select Lost Ark in your Steam library and right click properties → Example

This fixed it for me, perhaps it could fix your issue as well.


that sounds good, i will give it a try , thx! :smiley:

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please let me know if it fixes it for you, you should immediately notice the change when you dock, load in a zone, teleport or bifrost.

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Feels like server choke kinda lag.

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i assumed that as well, therefore i wanted to check if this is a overall issues , and something the Devs are already are working on. the strange part is that it feels its getting worse with time

A bunch of ppl were complaining about weird stutter and lag after the update yesterday so it may have to see with the game itself aswell.

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just found out that i already hat the option activated… so it might be something different :confused:

My game became a slideshow at points after the recent patch. Im guessing they bungled the captcha feature. Id have occasional stuttering in the past but now its concistently anytime i load into a new area

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Our version is a Frankenstein one with an anti hack weirdo when I play in ru or Korea is sooo smooth compared to our version


maybe this? FPS drops in content - #2 by Gotta

am trying to eliminate the common known ones, otherwise its something new :3

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hmm how do i turn it off… it seems that i only can change the color of the “EP” but not the view itself ?

I’ve experienced random FPS drops and stutter as well since yesterday’s update.

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Right click on your active chat tab bottom left, settings, then you can assign what shows in this tab. Uncheck XP.

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ah ok found it! , i will try it out if it helps thanks! :smiley:

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Turning that off doesn’t seem to help.

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yeah , i tried it also for the last days and i still got the freezes ,the last time in a chaosdungeon stange 1 , its a really strange behaivor