So, one class per 2 months? but real question is

I don’t like the idea of a class every 2 months, personally think its too slow but I guess it is what it is.

But are you still considering delaying the intervals of class release even further as an option if there happens to be some feedbacks that would suggest it?

We all know there has been some precedent, delaying stuff according to feedbacks including but not limiting to valtan release date and even roadmap.

I think most of us would like to know if the timeframe of 2 months is fixed or are you considering delaying further if some of the “factors” change in the future (as it seems that you are so certain that you won’t be shortening it).

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We had 1 month/class at the start

Some said its to slow

So after considering our feedback they changed it to 2month/class

So i assume after gathering more feedback that since 2 month are in fact longer than 1 month class releases are now way to slow.

…so they might change it to 3 or 4 month per class.


tbh all I want to know is the fixed interval at this point lol

They just realised that half of their “content” will be released at the end of July. So they need to delay a bit more next contents to create player “retention”.

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If they did it once, they can do it one more time. You never know with these clowns.

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plot twist: they are hyping us for surprise early release of kakul-saydon, the clown


Yeah, it does look like they listened to feedback, concluded “We don’t like hearing what you said.” and punished the customer base by slowing it down in response. Like an abusive owner teaching a dog not to bark, they just negatively reinforce the behavior they dislike.

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Wouldnt put anything past them now.

“We are listening to your feedback” as they go and do the opposite

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well they did “listen” just like they said they will.
Never said anything about doing something about it :clown_face:

I don’t mind they release a brand new class one per year, but those poor old classes has been released in other region shouldn’t be this slow. Slowing down the old classes release doesn’t really helps to maintain the health of a MMOs especially with Lost Ark item level is gating the most of the content.
I personally don’t mind cause my main is in game already, I’m here to complaint cause my mate is almost on the edge of quitting the game cause there’s no Reaper!

Also makes it even more confusing they didnt give powerpass with destroyer if the next class doesnt come out for 2 months

they prob were testing which way makes more profit.
class release with powerpass and express vs just class release

Terrible class to test it on then considering destroyer was the least played class in KR.