So... only NA will be able to play on Sep 28th?

Dayum they really gonna do server merge and content patch release day. I’m impressed by their ignorance.

Are u kidding? Those login rewards are way better than being able to play 12 hours earlier lmao

Im in NA and would prefer those login rewards 100%


Pretty sure NA is getting those rewards too

Thats not what the msg says

It doesn’t specify that the rewards track is only for merged regions. It says the rewards are to “celebrate the merge”

Doesn’t specify which servers will and will not get it

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Losing an entire days worth of dailies, on top of not being able to play new content when it comes out (Especially for those that work and have taken time off for the content) is nothing but a slap in the face, regardless of login rewards being provided.

A situation that could have been avoided in multiple ways:

  • Perform server merges a day earlier
  • Perform server merges slightly later when the initial hype dies down
  • Give players more than a days heads up about how it will actually effect them so that they can plan their time accordingly and / or adjust leave

These are just some simple examples. I’m sure there are people at AGS that thought / think the same, it just doesn’t get through to the right people making the decisions.

Instead they’re now going to have an increased amount of backlash for what was an easily avoidable situation with a little bit of foresight. It’s not like players have mentioned since server merged were first announced that doing it ON patch day is a bad idea.

And this is all assuming everything goes to plan and we’re back up and running after 16h. Which history would suggest won’t be the case.

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Im interpreting it as a region gets it when their merge is done (which would exclude NA). But you could be right, in which case they should do the merges 2 weeks after clown so everyone can do it at the sametime

A day? The server merge should have happened a week ago


I agree - but I can’t pretend to know how feasible that would be in comparison. Whereas a day earlier, certainly wouldn’t have any impact as they should already be prepared for it at this point.

It also wonders why they couldnt split the updates and server merges into different weeks of the month? like they could have split 3 of the server merges into 3 different weeks of the month. Release the huge content update on the last week. Cramming every update, server merges and almost every single thing in a week is calling for disaster

Exactly, there was nothing happening last week.
They could have shut down the servers and maybe 3 people would complain, but than: “Next week, clown, 4h downtime, rewards for merged regions”

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Bruh you miss a day but get login rewards worth way more than a day’s worth of multiple character dailies. The entitlement here is so cringe.

Special shoutout to my ancestors, who some 300 years ago sailed the ocean blue to come to America. It is because of their hope and bravery that i will be able to experience the least amount of downtime in Lost Ark on the Clown raid launch day! Thank you, oh great ancestors!


for real though they should delay the merge until the following week.

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Why they didnt do that this week. Or the week before. Or the previous one. Or a month ago.

They always managed to do things at the worst moment. Remember when vykas released they reduced that week to 6 days?

Clown is the best work I can think of. Apprpriate.

hey hey they’ve been laying tons of foundation in order to have this 16 hour delay its a lot of work :laughing:

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I earn more than double in just one day of playtime than what we are getting from rewards though, so I do not prefer that. The only thing there that’s appealing is the card packs which most likely will just be garbage anyway.

Regardless tho, my issue is not really about losing a day, I was already expecting it. My issue is the timing. We have had 2 months without any relevant content and we will have another two months after that. Why on the patch day?

Na got screwed last week losing almost 16 hours for merges that will not effect us. Ifnyou guys are going to whine about server merge then maybe they should leave you on dead servers.

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