So people already beginning to scam in carry runs

I just got an alt to 1370 and wanted to buy a P3 carry run… but unfortunatly there are already people who beginn to scam you in these…
The community in Korea is way more open towards Carry/Bus runs and im pretty sure these kind of stuff isnt happening over in Korea, a shame that shady people already have to start it in this region for a bit of Gold…
Dont expecting that the Bussing Community will find any real footsteps allong these shady people… and finding real people who offer carries will most likely be rare…

You honestly should report the players that scam with screenshots and chat logs, cuz that is 100% bannable, it shouldnt be tolerated in the slightest

So people already beginning to scam in carry runs

The scam started when bus drivers are charging more than the value of a completed run.

People wiliing to pay those rates for a bus have already been scammed :joy:

There’s no such thing as argos bus in NA right now. U are a fool for buying a carry lol

well only got screenshots on discord and only farely remebering his IGN…

Valtan is gonna be a hilarious bloodbath…I mean…p3 argos pugs are already just walking all over it with no serious problem.

Meanwhile people are charging 6-7k…what’s valtan bus gonna go for? 14k normal? 20k normal? Rofl?

I’m sorry but everyone paying for carries right now at these prices contribute to the “NA/EU is not smart” stereotype.


There is…it requires 2 bus drivers. Ideally it shouldn’t cost more than the first two phases per person though (1700g). The fact that it does just means the population is gullible and bad.

It exist you can check they charge 7k or 8k for a content that gives 2.7k xd

I bought carries for all my toons as soon as they hit 1370. Dunno what you are talking about.