So since we are getting the ark pass before specialist class is out will we be able to obtain the skin when artist releases?

@Roxx Info would be appreciated. Wasting my money on a skin I wont be able to use would be a shame :slight_smile:


yeah i thought about this one as well, it was one of the first arkpass event and if they deny skins like that (ignoring weapon skins other classes can have outfits from older events because they have a different subclass with the same mainrace.

Make the arkpass long enough so artist has a chance to use it!

Im pretty sure you can just save the box and open it on artist tho.

Because Artist is a new general class (Specialist) they have a different character model. Skins (not weapon skins though) are based on the general character model. You could use a bikini skin with Summoner, for example, because she uses a Mage body model. But not necessarily with Artist as it has a body model that didn’t exist at the time of the design.


doesnt matter. that arkpass skin was released in korea with artist model included. that means skin have data for that class already and will be available for it.

Got i hope there are skins that arent creepy to place on a 9 year old


I want to do that but I need a confirmation on it so I don’t waste my money as I’m only interested in artist skins. Won’t be buying the pass at all otherwise.

Oh, I see I see. Then it shouldn’t be a problem… Unless SG decides to give the box without the Specialist body build. That’d be a shame.

just because they have the model for it doesnt mean they will do it look at the omen skin line both lance master and destroyer have weapon skins for it in other versions but they never released them in our version

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oh I never noticed that with omen skin. well thats a shame

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Would like to know as well, been saving dino skin box for Artist and would like to know if it will be added retroactively

I wouldn’t speculate that you can use the skin for an unannounced class.
And I’m pretty sure that you will get neither approval nor rejection form a CM, cause they don’t know it themself.

I think I’m going to open a support ticket. If anyone is interested I can update with the reply

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@Roxx now with the announcement on arkpass can you please clarify.
Its one of the better artist skins and would be a shame if we miss it just because of the timing of the arkpass + artist release!

I’m curious about this as well.

I said this in another post and was able to confirm it with Machinist, If you hold onto the roster bound chest both the weapon and armor skin you will be able to use it on the Artist. Far as I can tell if the skin released in KR was associated with a class we will have it too. You just have to be patient and hold onto the Roster Bound chest.

yeah but that is only one box, the one from the shop didnt work from what i learned so far.

Which means we can only have one skin (there are two versions available. One with more armor and one without) so for mix and matching that would be nice if we knew those would work.

Wasn’t the one from the shop character bound with BC? Pretty sure there wasn’t an extra RC Roster Bound version in the store

if i can get both versions if i keep 2 boxes i am fine with it.

Yes the skin from the shop (BC) is bound to the character who purchased it. Can’t even keep it in product inventory and claim on a different character.