So since we are getting the ark pass before specialist class is out will we be able to obtain the skin when artist releases?

I’m curious about this as well.

I said this in another post and was able to confirm it with Machinist, If you hold onto the roster bound chest both the weapon and armor skin you will be able to use it on the Artist. Far as I can tell if the skin released in KR was associated with a class we will have it too. You just have to be patient and hold onto the Roster Bound chest.

yeah but that is only one box, the one from the shop didnt work from what i learned so far.

Which means we can only have one skin (there are two versions available. One with more armor and one without) so for mix and matching that would be nice if we knew those would work.

Wasn’t the one from the shop character bound with BC? Pretty sure there wasn’t an extra RC Roster Bound version in the store

if i can get both versions if i keep 2 boxes i am fine with it.

Yes the skin from the shop (BC) is bound to the character who purchased it. Can’t even keep it in product inventory and claim on a different character.

If you earn the skin through the Ark Pass or purchase it from the shop at this time, you will not be able to save it for the Artist class.


Ok then…

I still have hope :pray:

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So is this a Skin which forever will be locked away and never accessable for Artist in EU/NA/SA just because the class was release later? (which btw is the only class which has that issue because other classes could just open it on a different subclass and then transfer it to the new class)


Is it safe to assume that it will work the same for Reaper and Summoner as well? Or will it not work for Artist because they are a new type of class?


I have to ask if there’s going to be any way to obtain it on Artist then if that’s the case. Maybe it can be put in the shop when she releases at the very least?

Seems like a strange decision to me. But thanks for the confirmation.

not strange at all. happens when they don’t play the game.

okay but why?


they clearly don’t play their game

The Artist does not currently exist in our version of the game, so the functionality for the skins that are coming out now will not work on content that is not available and not yet in the code of the game. It is possible that we could re-run skins in the future when more classes come out to make them available.


You could also just get Smilegate to edit the content of the skin chest to include the specialist class when you finally decide to release the class

atleast we have those already in the game, that will come in like a year kek