So Taiwan get Artist a year sooner than us?

Is the “Global” version a guinea pig?

I don’t get it. So SmileGate knows how much we’re asking for months and months that we need the new damn support role, yet they drag it as much as possible. Meanwhile the new servers get her as their very first new class release?

Why are we being treated as a bastard child? Are they getting Slayer and all the others before us, too?


Taiwan is getting Artist same month as us.

But their launch class list is pretty much almost similar to us.


Except they start the game with 3 supps by the 3rd month of launch… Every other version, even unreleased, puts this one to shame. It’s clearly a publisher issue.


I agree obviously.

Not sure whats the contract with AGS/Smilegate but the way they handled this is pretty disappointing.


Kind of.

It’s an experiment to see just how badly they can treat an audience before it stops spending money on them. Going into year 2 now.


AGS/SG do not listen/care about players’ feedback. Like, at all. They act like they do by putting out surveys that most likely end up straight inside the bin, they also lied to the playerbase when they promised a 2-month cadence for class release, even though we weren’t happy about it. Now Artist is coming 4 months after Summoner for NO REASON AT ALL when the support shortage is abysmal, and during a content drought. Whoever thought it was a good idea should be fired asap.


And you know why is that? BECAUSE probably they won’t censure it. Just leave it, and later mb release skins for that region. AMAZON, YOU ARE DOING GREAT WITH UR PR.


Cuz that’s what this server is.

cuz some people like being treated that way and still paying money for the game


Let’s see if i’m understanding this right

Taiwan server will be released in January 12 with their own exclusive region skins (↓), with 17 of 23 classes (24 if counting Slayer, we had 15 of 22 counting Artist), then Artist will be the first new class within the first half of 2023?

Live Stream Video:

Exclusive Skins (Never saw it on namu like the samurai skins of JP):

Site with the launch classes:

Only missing:

  • Glavier
  • Machinist
  • Summoner
  • Reaper
  • Artist
  • Aeromancer
  • Slayer (that will be released in KR 1 week after the Taiwan Launch)

I didn’t saw any roadmap on their forum, neither about their class cadence, only that Artist is the first class within the first half of 2023 (accordingly with the translator extension), so their class cadence may very well be slower than ours (Glavier was released 2 months after launch then destroyer the month after).

But i won’t believe anymore in those saying Artist for last was SG decision, because clearly it isn’t the case here, she is being the first when there is 4 older classes (perhaps SG didn’t wanted another NA situation?).


The fact alone that there is a 1.5 hour live stream for their launch, they get exclusive region only skins, and the fact they seemed to listen to their community which has been playing over here for the last year… They care a lot more. It’s a real shame to have a publisher that just doesn’t care, there’s no effort made by AGS to reach out and explain things to the community, they don’t do live streams, they don’t do YouTube videos, they rely entirely on content creators outside of their payroll to do the work for them. The same way they rely to SG to do all the work for the changes they feel are “right” for the “western” audience.


So, let me get this straight, you are complaining that another region is getting a class you want, and they are getting it in a shorter time frame than NA?

You must be really bored.

If you had done a quick google search you would have seen that Artist was released in KR two weeks before NA launch. So of course, they would not have included a brand-new class in a new regions launch. It also has been stated that a new class/content that KR gets will always be released in other regions about 3-6 months later after that region has caught up to KR’s current content.

My suggestion, step away from your keyboard and go touch some grass. The world is not against you. And please don’t assume to speak for the community. Last time I checked, I am just fine with the way AGS/SG is running this game.

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This string of words confuses me. 3-6months later but caught up? What do you mean?


I mean they said they’re fine with the way ags is running the game so they probably didn’t bother to code it to say anything else.

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What u mean? AMAZON did do a live stream on release and even interviewed gold river. Lol wtf

@Roxx stop dodging this question. Why do we have to wait 4 months for Artist. Surely you all see that no one accepts this? It’s insane


I’ve said this time and time again I don’t know how people don’t know and or still defend ags and blame SG

Yes SG sucks

But AGS is the one ultimately sculpting what we get.

You think SG went to TW and be like yep let’s get artist going? I can promise you it was TW that demanded artist and SG be like ok fine.

AGS on the other hand is not only not asking for artist release, but asking for SG to put fucking pants on them. Its like they’re doing everything they can to delay us as much as possible.


Did we even get a livestream for our version on release?

Edit: OOOH right, the one where the interviewer did an oopsie and said North Korea instead of North Amercia

It’s easier to release things when you don’t have to deal with asinine censorship and “localization” requests from companies like AGS. Requests that literally nobody in the fanbase asked for but AGS is so terrified of another Kotaku article they pretend they speak for us all.

A lot people is quitting after beat Brelsh Gate 6, and only few new players enter. You can imagine how will be the future by this. But AGS will try bring these players back with Artist in April, but i dont believe this gonna be sucessfull