So the 2nd founders pack?

Hi, yes, when will be the 2nd founders pack that we were promissed :c

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Im wondering too…it feels like they forgot…

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looks like it was a lie, ive made chracters on 3 servers now. NOTHING

also whats with the 3days in a row with downtime

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They never stated a time for delivery.

All they said is that everyone claiming their founders by Monday will receive a second one.
No timeline was given for delivery. Just be patient.

Theres more relevant work for them to do than rollout some packs.

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Seems a bit weird to offer the 2nd pack to get people to switch servers, but wait so long that people aren’t going to want to switch servers.


Why would you wait for the 2nd pack in order to switch?
You can play without any issue without the stuff that you get from it. Its just extra stuff that u get at a later date.

Its really a shame how many people cant read and understand simple information…
those who claimed the founder pack until last monday night/evening, will be able to claim a second pack on a new server ONCE THEY ANNOUNCE IT!!! which didnt happen yet…
all of u take a place in the corner of shame and think about ur skills of understanding when reading!

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Because it’d be nice to have the stuff during your entire playthrough, instead of after you’ve already unlocked other skins, mounts, and pets through leveling and questing.

It’d be nice to get an official announcement on when we will get the second packs. Or else I call this a scam.

Official information is that it will not be sent until problems with overloaded Commerce Server get solved.
So, if you press F4 and it takes ages to open. Or if your aura is still going away… It is still not working and nothing will be sent.