So the legion chaos gate thingy that pops up around the maps every 2 hours how many are you allowed to do per day for rewards?

I did one killed 1 monster and got 20 rift currency thingy then I died time ran out couldn’t kill the other monster. I did it solo not sure if I was supposed to do it as a group? if so how do I know which group or do I choose match making?

I see another popping up a few hours later on a different island and it says already obtained rewards unable to obtain additional rewards.

It is a group content. You get randomly placed into group, but on lower ilvls there are not many that play and do that chaos gate. You can claim the reward one time / day. ( actually 2 days because it’s chaos gate then field boss )

ooh crap so if u die ur out of luck? and you got to wait 48 hours?
But in that 48 hours you can do a legion chaos and then a field boss? or it has to be just 1 out of the 2?

All I got was the 20 rift shard thingy I didn’t get like the necklace and rings etc cause time ran out.

Legion chaos gate are done by maximum group of 30. Good note, go early and wait for it to open because once it is filled max players capacity you are immediately put into a different instance. In most worst case scenario you will be alone or with 10 or less people depending on time/day even if you are a few seconds late. Lower tiers are tough to find group cause not many at that ilvl well geared.
You have to beat all the bosses within the time to clear it. If you die you can re-spawn and retry within the gates. You can leave if you can’t clear but once you join and leave, that legion chaos gate is consider cleared for the day regardless of officially clearing it or not. Yes you get shards for maps exchange for every boss you kill.

ooh I see, but what is a map? you mean like the treasure maps?
Are they worth it?

The maps that drops in chaos gates are called Secret Maps similar to Treasure maps and by killing bosses you can stack up Rift pieces/shards to exchange for Secret Maps. The last boss drops you a Random Secret Map which is by clearing the Chaos Gate. It ranges from Rare(blue maps), Epic(Purple maps), Legendary(Orange maps) and the most rarest of them all is the Relic Map. Only 1 player(you, yourself) can enter and only drops in chaos gates, can’t be exchange nor obtain from anywhere else. But the rewards compare to treasure maps are different and very rewarding.

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