So the Punika Powerpass is only for Arcana?

I really hope this means that the next class will have it’s own events so we don’t end up with another mess like Destroyer’s launch…

Use the powerpass on a lv.1 unused character until the class you’re waiting for comes out, but this won’t work with Artist.

It’s this kind of murky comment that causes people to say there are communication issues. This comment could mean a whole lot of things:

  1. This pass will expire before the September class, but the September class will get its own pass (in which case, why “unfortunately” and “apologies?”)
  2. The pass will expire before the September class, and the September class will not get its own pass (which would be a pretty huge unforced error, especially if you wait until after people have used the pass before clarifying)
  3. There will be no September class, so even though the pass will last until September, the release cadence slowing down even further will prevent its use on the next class

This wouldn’t be such a huge issue if communication snafus hadn’t burned a whole lot of your players. Please do your best to clarify what is going on so your players can make informed choices about what to do with the resources and events you are providing.


remind me in Jan 2023-class was delayed till the new year. I mean theres no way I’'ve predicted the next class release :laughing: .

how can they know right now? dont ask stupoid shit, they will announce later on when they know

stop reading things that werent said, nowhere its hinted anything about the future, the stament is about THIS power pass, why not just wait for information when the time comes? People already creating fictional scenarios and getting mad about them lol

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as long? lol do they owe to us or what? so entitled

There will be a class in September, as we are sticking to the every-other-month class release cadence. However, I don’t currently have insight far enough ahead to say whether or not another power pass or express event will be available then. What I do know is that there are not plans to release a pass with every single class, but I don’t have any final word on what will come when. I understand the desire for more clear information, but I can’t provide that when it’s not set in stone or is still up in the air.


The fact that you don’t give a power pass with every class as KR did is so dumb. If AGS wants to drip-feed classes to extend how many content drops the NA game has. You shouldn’t punish people and that’s what your doing by not giving a PP.


Its not like everyone will use power pass on every single class since they gonna play them as their alts

If it comes to that, that we don’t get Powerpasses for each new classes, then it would be wiser to give out Powerpasses without an expiration date or increase the expiration date accordingly by couple months.

I’m pretty sure most people would save it for the class they want and not immediately use them.

Another idea could be to let players decide if they want 2x Rohendel Powerpasses (so they could use it on the next two new class releases) or 1x Punika Powerpass (to use it on one of the next two class releases they’re interested in). Could work with a coupon you can redeem, maybe?


Reading things that weren’t said?

People will interpret vague replies in multiple different ways, her latest reply explained it a lot better and my concern was actually answered.

So instead of being satisfied with information that can be misinterpreted 1000 different ways you need to ask for more clarity.

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If you guys added them to the shop this wouldn’t be such a heated topic :slight_smile:


Translate: No/I dont have a clue. End of story.
The maybe, maybe not, perhaps, set in stone, still up in the air… those are things that confuse every single of your messages.


No no no this is good. The ENTIRE point of delayed class release to once per 2 months is because each of them should receive a Hyper Express/Power Pass. That was what you said before and it’s good that you kept your promise.
If you don’t even give every class release a power pass after delaying them we will be mad.


That’s why she didn’t said straight no for an answer up there

There need to be. That’s how players in other servers got treated. Would be extremely unfair if we don’t get it with every class receive. If you don’t do it just release 1 class every month.


It’s true that in Korea you get a new character straight to T3 why do we not have it

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I’m sorry, but every class should have the option to use an express and/or powerpass with it. I don’t mind if 2 overlap in the same event window but if there’s a class that releases without any type of assistance to get it into t3/raids I think it will be a big mistake. Please let us know asap when more information is available.

i believe so. i hope so. i want it so. please make it so @Roxx