So there is no problem with dungeon chaos

if we believe Roxxx and the devs there is no problem on the amount of materials drops in the dungeon chaotics.

I’m a former Russian player and I still have my account, so I went to do some chaos dungeon 1400.
Only on the first one I dropped 500 guardian stone…

Should I make a video and put it on youtube.

There is really a problem with the rewards.

Ps: Don’t close the threads…it gives the impression that you are denying the problem and worse maybe even forcing the casual player to have to use the store.

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1400 never dropped amywhere close to 500


Could you please post a screenshot or a more detailed breakdown of the loot comparison?

If you have access to both the RUS and NA clients, it should be really easy for you to do two t3 chaos dungeons on one, then repeat the same dungeons for the other version and then post the results.

Just include the level of the chaos dungeon, whether you had rest, and if you got a gold portal. This info should be easy to provide and would prove if we get less loot on our versions.

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Holy shit you people are pathetic, still going on about this. I suggest you straight up quit this game, if you can’t believe what the CM’s/Devs say.

People are actually mental, it’s kinda scary.


Wouldn’t an old/abandoned account still have received the rest bonus? I have no idea if this is even a mechanic in RU/KR but if it is, that would explain the higher bonus on the first run only.

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I killed the boss on level two and got 50 honor shards… some silver too, but that was it

Why Russian version tho? If you had to compare with another version, I think KR would make more sense? Best to compare with something we have in our version before the ‘problem’ started.

You literally went and did a rest bonus run bruh

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Watch the figures on Thursday magically go back to what people were seeing before. If so, that’s how you fix a glitch without admitting to the glitch and all the people that believe everything they are told in this world by “authorities” and “experts” rather than trusting their lying eyes will believe it and think it was simply 2 or so magical weeks of quirky rng.

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You mean the people trusting the accusers who have no evidence?

holy tin foil hat enjoyer. Relax bud

And here I was thinking flat earth believers was just a random meme, now I know there’s actually people that can be full of that much delusion

it sure is alot easier than devoting all of the person hours to do a make good. I caught them doing fuckery with New World when they did a stealth patch the day after the main one. The stealth patch straight up broke the firestaff and it wasnt fixed for probably a month. Nope, they never admitted to the stealth patch but it was 100% there