So, there will be some goodies coming everyone’s way. Can’t dive into it quite yet but I think players will appreciate them

Thanks @Roxx.

On a scale of 1-10 how much did you appreciate your daily login reward of 20 phoenix plumes?


I’m sure f2p players enjoy them, they didn’t start with packages like us.

And I can assure you, some die very often during World Boss and Pirate Ship.

20 Plumes is decent, when they give out 3 or less its funny.


2 aura of resonance, 1 battle chest, 10 plumes and 300k silver

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Maybe they’ll fix the EUC time XD


10 it was just fine by me

yay i can now burn more plumes I never had to purchase on pvp

I’m not even sure where Phoenix Plumes ‘actually’ come from.

They just magically appear in my roster inventory.

U get alot from archivments and rapport rewards.

you buy them for blue crystals and they have a similar price to pheons iirc, slightly cheaper but still insanely expensive for what it does

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I don’t think a standard extra week of attendance is the compensation we’ve been told we’ll be happy with.

Has attendance ever been framed as compensation by AGS/SG before? Heck, by any game company even?

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Come on bro, you act like you believe in what Roxx says… grow up buddy

If there a reason you neglected to answer the questions I asked?

To be honest, the MMO’s I’ve played for many years dont give anything away for logging in, compensation for mistakes, or beacsue of their playerbase whining.

There has never been a restraint keeping me logged in to any game. If there is something I cannot deal with, there is an exit button somewhere that can fix the issue I’m having.


So… that’s a ‘no’ to both? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ironically, you’re probably the only one who would frame what I said in that manner.

If that isn’t what you’ve said, what is your answer the the questions?

I have over 300 unused feathers and over 200 waiting to be used.

Comments in this post are disgusting.
Average playerbase of this game or better said forum are grown babys, no cap.

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