So there's a big problem in SA servers, and nobody answers about it

Typically a new server people are more interested in spending money, and because gold is a scarce resource in the beginning, the value to exchange gold for diamond is usually low.

On the EU server today, the value is 350 gold for 95 crystals. On the NA server, it’s around gold for 95 crystals. On the LA server is 800 gold for 95 crystals.

It is comparable to the Korean server that has been in existence for 4 years.

This is insanely expensive.

The reason everyone knows, this is a player-created economy, which is directly influenced by out-of-game purchasing power.

SA is at this price because noone is using their credit cards to buy royal crystal, then exchange it for gold, compared to NA/EU where everyone does it.

TLDR: the more royal crystal> gold is done, cheaper blue crystal become.

This is a big problem, and it makes me seriously think about quitting playing the game.

The solution is very simple and easy.

Regionalize prices.

We know Amazon can do that, since something like prime video, twitch subscription and New World have regionalize prices! Why not Lost Ark?

For people who said: “don’t spend money”

this isn’t a solution. Just an excuse.

Please don’t said for people that they can play withou expend money. We know this, but we want spend, but for a fair price .

Amazon can do this. Actually Prime and Twitch is regiolaze here.

And there’s a lot of solutions, they can do“Region Locked Player” Is it really that bad? I mean, we dont share anything with other regions so… Whats the problem? Like, alot of people already gave up on SA server because of the prices.

How can we buy blue crystal for a affordable price if just a few people are going to buy RC?

I just wait for an answer. Don’t be silent, this is worse and it’s frustrating the LA community.

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