So these scammers, can I report them with this video?

So these two scammers scammed us 3 with the sell service.
I wonder, can I get them banned with this video if I send it to support?
if not, atleast, I can expose them with this video, Do not buy from these guys, they are scammers!


just dont buy any boost and learn how to play then contents.


U really think u can actually get carried with a party full of low ilevel? Well-deserved tbh lmao

Well, I mean, it’s just my alt, my main is 1457.
I just wanna get the p3 done to see.

Not sure if you know that you can’t do p3 with 1385 ilvl :3

im doing P3 with my guild so i dont need to pay any people.

naming and shaming usually is not allowed on these kinds of forums. but you can send it to support. from what i’ve heard scammers get a 3 day ban, if you are lucky and someone looks into it. on my servers we had someone scamming t3 maps for weeks and he never got suspended.

just as a tip, if you wanna pay a bus, always pay after the fact. if they dont want that, look for another group.

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you should report it cuz they have no right to defraud you after all while you pay for their carry they earn gam emoney in return for the carry my advice to you next time never pay the money first before argos p3 comes it will save you from being defraud secondly if there is less than 4 people in a group ilvl is high then definetly stay away cuz they wiil try to scam u cant carry 6 low ilvl players with x2 people

To people saying don’t pay the money first. It is standard to pay money first for a bus, and this will be the norm. Just see that people who scam like this get banned and people will not be doing it. The fact they’re getting away with it sets precedent for more people to do the same thing because hey, no harm no foul.

A red flag when it comes to bussing would be their item level…1415? Come on.

And paying more than the profit gained from the run itself? This is insane.

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I bus 2:6 on 1415 ilvl. It’s not a clear cut indicator.

im 1490 ilvl

I hope they ban all of em… they deserve a punish

They may be doing it only to gear their alts and not to make gold :thinking:

The overall value of Argos p3 exceeds 3500g in the current economy, especially when you factor in the 20 bloods which convert to leapstones. Just for those bloods alone you’re looking at roughly 4,500g on EU prices.

well ofc if u sell carries u want ppl to pay first ^^ well i’d never buy them anyway, but i certainly wouldnt pay in advance. maybe if there was a trusted list on the servers discord or something.

“just ban them” is easy to say, but completely out of our hands. its up to ags to deal with those kind of players and in my experience they didnt deliver so far. the guy i was talking about was reported by 20 ppl at least over weeks.

Even when I bought them on RU for my alts I’d pay first, there was no scam taboo floating around at any point in time (because scammers got banned).

if you want to be carried so we can carry you if you want we dont scam anyone

Bussing is so big on other servers that they even do pilot-bussing, whereby the person bussing pilots the account of the character that is paying (this is important for legion raids such as Clown and in some cases Biakiss/Vykus because of wipe mechanics). Trust in bussing is very high on other regions, so I’d like to see AGS step in here and do the right thing and perma these guys.

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im talking to you can u answer me

I do 6x P3 Argos a week, talk to someone else.