So this is AH rn

AH crash to stinky bot and want to spamming T3 honning material big sell with 1 gold price

  • Hundreds of people wondering why AGS doesn’t fix the bugs in the game code…
  • The code:

We babyraged all yesterday and it took a server literally crashing to even get someone to come on and restart it.

They aren’t going to be here to look at the market until Monday

Monday they’ll say they escalated the problem.
Tuesday they’ll say they re-escalated the problem
Wednesday they’ll ask us for photo evidence of the issue and which servers were on
Thursday the servers will start hard G0x9 W0x9 again
Friday they’ll delete all your Pheons as compensation
Monday they’ll say they escalated the problem again
Tuesday they’ll add a $100 skin to the shop to buy


everything has been known issues for a month+ and we just get the “we are working on it” bullshit if people can’t play your game you are fucking up plain and simple doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out people cant play game? = we make less money like I don’t understand how we have been dealing with this shit for THIS long the level of just brain dead incompetency is stunning

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100$ skins but we still can’t get legendary skins :clown_face:

Well yeah they don’t want to take anything away from Yoz Jar incase they figure out how to get around whatever stopped them from introducing it :rofl:

Then you can pay thousands for a skin

At this point just sell the game to another publisher u piece of useless sh_t amazonians. There is NOT a worse publisher on the market right now. And there are some nasty garbage ones. By far Amazon is the WORST.

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hey maybe if they stopped pulling marketable shit out of the game they’d actually have the funds to fix the game small indie game company btw :clown_face:

Honestly I don’t think it’s the server infrastructure. It’s the butchered NA client all cut to ribbons so that it can be resold drip fed back to us. Then you have the bots, which regardless of what people think are unstoppable.

There is likely very little AGS can actually do to deal with any of these problems. The games code is just coming apart. Not defending AGS, they have a role in all of this as well but the problem goes far deeper than what they have access to handle.

With no development team on the AGS side, any in-game problem is a SG problem and we are probably hella far down on their priority list.

Very little they can do? Bruh get out. When Kakao published PA’s Black Desert this is what happened: the smallest server instability, bug or anything → instant hot fix that lasts HALF hour, problems solved. How did they solve it? They KNOW what they DO. Aamazon employees are USELESS. Period.


Did Kakao have developer access to BDO? (I honestly don’t know)

AGS can’t hot fix shit since they don’t touch the code. It’s on SG to fix these problems unless these problems are directly related to server infrastructure or lack of resources.

They have stated since launch (back before everything started going to pot) they do not have a developer team at AGS that works on Lost Ark. Which means they are as useful as any one of us in so far as what they can actually fix within the game itself.

No, Kakao did not have dev access to Black Desert. Still they fixed everything instantly. How? They had something called brain in their body.

It sounds like BDO cared far more about it’s release and worked with Kakao far better than SG and AGS are working together

No game developer would want their game in the shape ours is in. It’s simply bad for business. So clearly there is a problem someplace within AGS/SG where these problems are not landing on someone’s desk as a priority to fix.

Was that not obvious when they tried to both throw each other under the bus during the LOA event? I loved the director for that LOL anyone else membuh?

Have no doubt: the problem is Amazon.

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I have plenty of doubt.

If AGS cannot modify the code, and the the code is what’s broken, you understand that’s the same as me saying @Lominus fix the market.

AGS is responsible for a lot of the shit that’s gone wrong, but you have to put the blame on those that actually make in game changes on in game problems as well.

And @Lominus would say to the employees: servers down, call fwkin SG, harrass them till they fix it and thats something that I want to be done ASAP. Thats how a normal boss would think like.

It is amazon’s job as the publisher then to voice the fact that the game is broken and to fix it not this sit on broken servers for a fucking month bullshit that we are dealing with right now idc who modifies the code but if your game is in this bad of a spot for THIS long whoever cares about this game is fucking up both AGS and SG

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So why is that line of communication failing.

Is it AGS aren’t trying, is it SG aren’t listening, is it they both just hate each other and out of spite are trying to undermine the other?

Perhaps because of the botting issue SG have determined that it’s a lost cause and are just milking NA/EU while they prepare for the China launch and work on rebuilding retention in KR.

I’d honestly love to know.

idk maybe we can get another good LOA in December when AGS just gets thrown to the wolves yet again :slight_smile:

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