So this makes no sense

Did you tell the players that the only way to fix the Jar is to remove everything completely?

I’m sure if you did and communicated properly, people would probably compromise.

Imagine care for skins and not for real content xDDD is amzing i am glad not RNG skins will come.

my point was the decision on milking classes makes no sense compared to what took place today, i want classes to be released faster…that it

Removed because EU is trying to pass the law in 20 countries that would make it illegal. Same law that exists in Belgium and the Netherlands (where the game wasn’t able to be legally released due to same laws that are already active there).

They only made it seem like it was changed because of players feedback.

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that was my speculation as well.

Oh my god Roxx i cant believe you have this job to reply to this dumb people… i really feel for you. may god bless you

I AGREE with your statements.

Yeah, totally agree and the worst it that this is a top post