So... this population though

So what do YOU guys think is the most populated server for each region NOT including bots.

EUW? (lul)

EDIT: When do you think amazon will get their shit together and get server transfers ready for us as well? (PS: they are a thing because SG did it once before they just dont have the technology personally so really its when will amazon ASK SG for that feature lol)

EUC probs most populated hard to tell whether NAW or NAE is more since im not american in this case id have to say NAE 2nd due to people from countries outside NA using east as their go to if they play there than NAE followed by EUW
and probs wont since thats a SG thing but its very experimental since what they say the structure of the game makes it hard to do this as a norm but they seem to be do it for certain situations

but overall who knows

EU has the most players

NA has the most bots.


I fucking love that take :slight_smile:

Probably true to i have no knowledge of it not being or being so. Sucks though but EU is larger then just HALF the US… obviously and im not really sure if its bigger then both together? i dont follow population per region/location BUT maybe merging US all together? lol…


where is SA though lol

NAE has the healthiest economy because of the least amount of bots.
NAW is Chang central, economy ruined.
EUC has tons of bots too, economy ruined.

SA has the most inflation even with little bots because of true hardcore f2p that doesn’t swipe.

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EUC biggest for sure.

maybe euc > nae > naw > sa > euw

for server-transfer or even region transfer, they probably sadly gonna sit that one out.
And for EUW they probably gonna offer some “compensation” for swapping to euc at some point

It was a stupid idea to have even made a EUW server anyway, and the people that went there are even worst. I mean who didn’t see this coming xD

Queue times are only temporary, the time you spend on a character is forever.

I don’t think anyone that rolled on EUW expected that the developer would just let it die rather than merge it. In other MMOs, launch servers to handle overflow are quickly merged, it’s part of the game plan not an emergency measure for an unexpected event.


Sure, I know what you mean and I think it’s ridiculous that AGS can’t find a way to merge regions but can only do servers.

Sounds like laziness and lack of effort on their part here as well.

Also just want to add that how can a big company like AGS be unable to predict potential players based on the preords and interests on social media platforms like Twitch, YouTube etc?

The fact that they don’t even seem to have an EU CM/support team even is pretty crazy when they have players not just from Lost Ark but also New World as well playing in EU. (I could be wrong here though since I don’t really check forums that much)

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A lot of goldsellers on discord are from SEA. Mostly Vietnamese.

EUC most crowded sure for EU. Can’t talk in the name of Americans.

They do. You can see the German CM’s posts in dev tracker form time to time.

Again, SG is the dev, not AGS. SG has to get the tech in place to merge regions.

I honestly think EUW is getting better. At least from someone who focuses on end game content there is a good amount of parties in PF. We do have actual new players and the bot issue is not as bad as other regions. I believe we got the lowest inflation, BC price is 1500.

NA players are bots

I thought the whole point of them having another company being the publisher is so they don’t have to worry about the technical aspect of the game. xD

Regardless of who’s the one at fault, it is AGS that is publishing the game… A M A Z O N you know the people that legit own AWS.

well when it came to server merges CM’s even said that EUC has the biggest population, surely NAE comes afterwards.

hold your horses m8 :slight_smile:
you just rent db space out there
you can be banned for anything really
they can just unplug servers

although yea moving cause of ques wasent best idea, thats for sure :wink:

Oh for sure, you can get banned randomly or the server shut down but these are pretty unlikely to happen considering I rarely type in chat in-game at all.

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