So today is my birthday!

As the title says today is my birthday and my gf said she will do something special for me today, i knew the update was today so i told her to wait till late at night or tomorrow, now comes the kicker since the morning shes going around the house naked but she wont let me touch her and shes teasing me about how i should play my game, please for the love of god bring the servers up i cant take this anymore i beg you :frowning:


Happy birthday

Happy birthday!!!

Man, you have a real Vykas around you and you are waiting for a pixel Vykas?!?!?

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Pixel taste better

Happy Birthday!

just drop a captcha type test on her and then log into her server. problem solved

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Thank you everyone but this is a torture :frowning:

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Happy Wipe Day!

what the fuck this isnt the FF14 forums

Forget the damn game, go be with your girl!
I am certain time with her will be far more rewarding…
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday :slight_smile: have a wonderful day

What if the OPs GF looks like bob ross?

You’re watching your girl and studying her move sets in each phase.

You can do this my friend!

HBD young man!

He can always close the eyes and think of Vykas…

I wish i could but she wont let me get close to her within 2 meters so i need the game to help me cope

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!