So uh..this is embarrassing


This looks like it’s a bot answering thread lmao


it’s well known that mods arent any different than bots tbh


default Support answer


lol the uprising of the bots, the moderator went to the dark side, I’m afraid there’s nothing to save us


I mean…I hope this isn’t a surprise and something new just now that is “being looked into”? Surely not, right?

This is kinda sad tbh, seeing how fast and helpful they’re when someone need help with game bug, or restoring a deleted character. It feels like they really want to help players but they just can’t do anything probably because AGS doesn’t care, so they can just say something like that


Yes, thank you @Shadow_Fox! for passing on our concerns. We’re frustrated that sometimes we don’t see the changes we’d like in what seems a reasonable time frame but it’s better than not pushing our community concerns at all.

Guys: The community team goes between the users and the companies. Remember to not blame the messengers…


Thank you. I’ll go ahead and forward this to the team!


This is literally her job, she is being paid to do this, what do you expect from her exactly? We all know bots are a huge problem, but unfortunately CMs can’t do anything about them.

I mean if I saw the same threads over and over and over and over again with a playerbase that expects answers you don’t have

I’d give the same responses as well, lol

yea kinda seen that, think the same as you

honestly what are you expecting a CM to say? “i’ll fix this issue myself just give me some time” ? do you know that a CM’s job is to deliver feedback and not work on fixing the issues with the game?


If they don’t reply to those posts: “THEY are ignoring US”, “radio silent, game dead”

If they reply to those posts: “embarrassing”

She can send a google docs to higher ups with a link to all these threads to make the problem be more urgent.

Will they act? Who knows. Fox just doing their job, they won’t answer stuff they cannot answer considering 90% of the forum is “Tripods?”, “Battle items?”, “Inflation” And “Pheons”. Dare they give their “opinion”, it will get manipulated and twisted as always


Seeing as moderators and CMs cannot do anything but relay information to developers, gonna go with these are the right answers.

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it’s just that people who never worked that job before thinking you’re supposed to do more. but yeah the forums is filled with talk about tripods and battle items about “i refuse to use this in kunga” i refuse to accept who don’t use that in kunga" like dude keep your guardian raids stuff out of here. no one cares and CM’s job is not to tell you how to play the game…

But the issue happened and still happening a long time ago and seeing that kind of response is like they dont dont give a damn.

What is thronespire? Dont do pve.

not that they don’t give a damn. have you thought of maybe they didn’t get an answer? they’re just the messenger if they got nothing to tell you then they can’t really tell you anything.

Happening since the Thornespire patch released and still no answer? Like WTF.