So uh..this is embarrassing

Yes totally.

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This is soooo embarassing for them. It’s clear they dont really care about NA EU but holy cow this is some next level shit.
They don’t deserve any money. I was gonna log on and buy some crystals for the new pet but now I’m like naaaaah man… so embarassing


they would rather you message the amazon support which is also ran by bots its a endless cycle of bots with these guys

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Back in the day, they used to organize community events, host contests, highlight cool stuff the community had put together, etc… Today they’re the one person on the team that knows enough English to post “we’ve heard you and are totally doing things about the thing” replies. Also bans.


and purging threads.

Yeah, for future reference, this will be post #54 in this thread.

Idk what you expect them to say when their 5 mins of speaking at 5he meeting table is nothing more than a formality ending in who ever is in charge closing on “yeah thats cool and all but…”

being looked into means they are trying to calm you down and hope you forget about it. XD


…Would they really though?

They’ve had plenty of good suggestions ( for free) from the playerbase on how they could fight bots and don’t seem to have actually implemented any of them. If anything they seem to have been doing less despite it bem

but hear me out just this one time

what if

i know i know

what if all the suggestions provided were dogshit and don’t work?

It’s Shadow_Fox, why are you surprised ? She always either do half-assed answers like these or answer without knowing what she’s talking about (you know… the famous “Let me remind you of the queues before EAC”). She’s also pretty well known for censoring threads.


u know I find it odd
norm a CM or mod would lock these threads
Go full Stalin assassinate people with secret police by now

Instead its just all hell breaks loose
Like isn’t a universal rule to not clog forum with multiple threads discussing same/similar topic?
We legit have like 8 threads more or less discussing the same thing.


53 now :3

Oh it will be. The CMs will prepare a memo or just bring it up at a meeting. Devs will then half listen and within 0.5seconds decide it’s not worth their time :grinning:

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95% prob are tbf but even on forums like this there are some that don’t suck

Either they have limited power to change anything between steam and sg which in case so suggestions and feedback are a waste of time or they are incompetent/don’t care which in case it doesn’t matter what anyone suggests to them either

It’s almost the weekend, CM bot activate!

used this post’s screenshot and got this LOL


Shadow fox was getting too much hate so they backed her up and sent this guy to do damage control to cool down the forums.

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I knew there was a risk some CM was not gonna like it and use that excuse to ban someone using that screenshot.

Like they said a nation in fear blah blah blah. XD