So Vertus Is getting nerfed, but is that the right answer?

So, Vertus getting nerfed.

What’s getting nerfed? His damage and removal of his tail stun.
Is that why he was ‘hard’?

In my opinion, no. (He did hit hard though).

Vertus, out of any other enemy I’ve fought in Lost Ark so far… has some animation/hitbox issues that I believe are the root of all failures in his fight.
Until we were somewhat overgeared for him it felt like pure luck to get anywhere with him.
Thought I’d compile some… bloopers… from my friend and I’s duo endeavors against the bastard lizard.

Fought him for the first time, just now. I’m 1083 and have 2 lightning skills. The hit box issues were noticed within moments. Couldn’t tell if AoEs were hitting his tail and it never fell off. (If this is supposed to be our introduction to “part damage”, they did a piss-poor job of it.) The number of stuns simply felt oppressive. He moved 2x. He did back to back freeze+grab attacks. Fight took just under 10m.

Previous GR (Icy Lego) I did yesterday, also for the first time, without a guide, at 1066, without a Bleed gem on my main attack, and no skill adjustments for element. He moved 0 times. Took 3m.

This fight is stupid. Glad I never have to do it again. I don’t care why, it’s just bad design.