So... Vykas tommorow?

Mid-June was one week ago. Any update about new content release?


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I dont understand german

Also bei mir wird jede Sprache automatisch übersetzt

If tomorrow means not tomorrow than yea

In short: they are blocked from telling us what’s happening.

Also you can use google translate.

Google translate make mistakes :smiley: but thanks, so mid-june means end of month :sweat_smile:

They give us 1 week login rewards so they gonna release Vykas tomorrow with arcana I don’t see other reason they made 1 week login rewords

They can extend login rewards to next week. So they can do what they want :slight_smile:

Just wait for them to extend it 1 more time until they are no longer blocked by smilecuck.

there are problems between AGS and SG, it’s evident. Probably something will happen in the near future and the patch could change

Smilegate is incompetent. They can’t get the patch working in time.


that is what Smilegate last said 2 weeks ago, and now