So, we are not getting the new update on next week?

I don’t know where to find the information about the new update but I keep hearing people from in-game chat saying that update is not gonna be on next week.

Where do people find that information?

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wait and see

there is no official info out yet, roxx keeps repeating they want ppl to get hyped up and speculate (not my words). But also that they gonna announce when it drops within the next days.

Oh, you didn’t know? I think they have visions about it in their dreams.


It will probably get announced on Tuesday if anything, had a person say it wasn’t coming out Thursday (next week) and to look at a post on the forums when there isn’t any CM stating it wasn’t coming out. Mainly them being a troll.

This is what Roxx said

“excitement marketing” that’s even better than “surprise mechanics”
well, for their own good, if they plan to delay April update, won’t be very smart to tell that to ppl on 13th

i like the “next few working days” also. That’s 3 days total until 14th

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excitement marketing doesn’t really work when they’ve already shown the roadmap, but if it’s a video that will be nice

People bashed on them for releasing the Omen video later. They now want to hype upcoming class and content and is bad?

Plus why are people so into convincing themselves that the update is the 14th?

Don’t stress your life, only believe the actual official news.

The event books where supposed to expire on 14th but got secretly changed to 21st. Thats the speculation that the patch might be delayed.

people should not be “surprised” by the patch dates, surprise part can be the patch notes etc, but NOT the date the update drops.

They want to play Glaivier/South Vern. So the login reward ending the 14th, the Naruni event previously ending the 14th, and the last content patch releasing on the second Thursday in March leads one to hope that the patch would be the 14th.

Heres my reasoning that the update is on the 14th. If its not then its been delayed. Theres too much pointing to it being on the 14th for it not to be

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Umm what?

@Daystroy so I want to play Glaivier but they haven’t set a date and wrote April.

As much as I want to play her asap there are things a company must do and when they deem it ready they will just hit us with it.

All this theorycraft only really set people expectations high up based on assumptions. And people stresses out and come burn the forums as if they were promised something that never was.

was posted earlier on the forums.


If it’s delayed, what would you do?

Is there an actual reason to make a fuss based on just the assumptions? 'Cause we both know if it’s delayed from the 14th there will be chaos here

Sure, I was just giving you a possible reason as to why people are speculating/hoping it’s the 14th.

It’s pretty obvious it’s next Thursday. That’s when content releases every month

What will i do?

Voice my disapproval in a respectful way here on the forums and then go about as i have been in the game. Theres not much else i can do really

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Oh no, I get it.

I just want to point it “looks” like the 14th is the gentative date. But we will have readers around that take it for granted and if it’s delayed forums will get depressing to read from all the curses, hates, doom posters and etc

I mean we have a lot rampaging daily and they will for sure use this if the 14th is not the release day

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