So we can RMT? no body care about this?

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Bro they have literally said thousands of times that they dont want people RMTing. Do you want them to make an announcement every 30 seconds along with a forum post every day? Go play the game my god.

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but they didn’t do anything about RMT


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We dont know that. Its not like they announce everything they do. Are they banning all of the RMTers? No. Have they banned some, yes. We dont know what they are doing so just play the game and stop worrying about other people. Not like their progression changes yours anyways.



time to yoink and spread it across the forum

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i think the point here is what cms have said,
there are many examples of the cms promoting lax 3day bans and one cm talking about “a kingdom with fear is a kingdom not worth ruling” or something along those lines

feel free to spread my pictures as much as you want can find others in the #PermaBanRmters post

Also, question for all of you who are freaking otu about this anyways. Say they do ban the bots and the whole RMTing goes away. Theres literally a way to buy gold ingame. So what are you guys going to spam the forums about that also? Either way those players are still going to be ahead of you

illegal rmt is not the same as crystal to gold conversion

who buys your crystals= players

bots are essentially printing gold there is a large difference in gold circulation and gold printing you can see this with the in-game eco as it is

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if bots go away its already a win

level 55 kek

Burn the witch.

they dont want it but they dont ban it, is ur IQ negative ?

Is this an illegal language mod? I see a lot of botters/rmters use it

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interesting, every player reported for that on forum or on support are still playin, so give me one damn proof of that

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All AGS showed is that they dont give a single F if you RMT or no.

We just want 1 announcement.

We want to see written by them “we are going to backtrack and perma ban every single one of the players who have rmted and post a list of them as feedback to the community”

Or at least a massive ban wave and read how botters clients cry on those servers as we have part of the community that is there to see how the things are going and if ags is banning all of them which ags isn’t doing right now